Sunday, April 03, 2016

Lent Day 21 ~ many good things ~ church ~ meals ~ books

Today was the midpoint of Great Lent ... Sunday of the Adoration of the Cross.
I wrote a Sunday School lesson for the other teachers to teach...
as I was working on it, I think what hit me the deepest was how
in that Christ carried His Cross first and He goes before us and can 
help us and be with us as we struggle with our own personal Cross.

We were able to make it to our local church!
There had been really strong winds, up to 65 mph
and it was a mercy we could make it!
I was really tired due to insomnia but 
was relieved to make it there!
(I had a long nap in the afternoon...was really tired!)

Husband's birthday flowers! :)
You can see him there, writing cards :)

We had Thai takeout for lunch!

While the Trader Joe's Chocolate Almonds are my top Lenten favourite,
I am also really enjoying the dates from the Indian Grocery Store we went to 
and some Punjabi Indian Junk Food too! 

Halfway through Great Lent!

My husband was catching up on some
book review of this book and so I grabbed it off our shelves and 
began reading....this book is beautiful and so literate! I am loving it.
I skipped to the middle to read the essay that has to do with
Jane Kenyon's poetry. 
It's lovely and very literate, quiet and perfect Lenten reading! 
And that was day 21 of Lent...
Mr Husband hopes to cab to work tomorrow in NYC.
Pray for him please and that we can be restored to full health... 
it was Mr Husband's first time to be at liturgy in 3 weeks! 


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I agree, the Donald Sheehan book is wonderful!

Apseed I said...

That picture with a sun light is so beautiful!

Becki said...

I came in to catch up on you, Elizabeth. Such wonderful pictures you've posted - this post is especially striking with beautiful pictures of the inside of your church. I understand you're not feeling 100 percent, but I hope you're able to enjoy spring. It looks like you've had a blessed Lent.

Melanie said...

What a beautiful church!

elizabeth said...

Thanks everyone!!!

I am so thankful for such beauty!