Saturday, April 09, 2016

Lent Day 27 ~ Lewis & GKC on a Saturday

A quiet Saturday.
Mr. Husband wanted pictures of CS Lewis's book where
it talks about him reading Club of Queer Trades by GK Chesterton. 
We had some fun conversations about the book
that I pulled out today and began reading.
Mr. Husband got those lovely figures, as a gift, 
of the Terracotta Chinese Army that was
discovered in 1974.
We enjoyed a lot of history based discussed today!
Mr. Husband is hoping to have some of his toy soldiers out again by this summer,
he used to have many displays as he loves this sort of thing
and it's fun as it is they are visual representations of past events.
We are dreaming of getting the office in to a more usable space this summer.
Tonight we went to vespers and afterwards
dinner and I tackled the dishes, again.
There is finally some much needed work
on the sewers around here.
We have not had a problem, but others near us have.
Most of the cities in this part of NJ are quite old and have a lot of
work that needs doing to keep things working.
I am feeling a bit that I am 'treading water' instead of gaining ground
in terms of things around the house...but I know that
these are further lessons in patience, of which I need.
It was so good to be at church tonight.
A time to get past myself and my sense of the continual
need for housework to get under control again... 
I find that when I live just in the present moment,
then all the 'to do things' are less overwhelming
as I am focused on what I am doing
in the present instead of worrying about those things
that I will need to do in the future.
And that's Lent Day 27.


Pom Pom said...

Just enjoy that housework and do a little and then read.

karen said...

I love how church centers me and whatever is pressing is tucked way in the back of my brain. There will always be dishes to do!!