Friday, April 01, 2016

Lent Day 19 ~ impromptu events, beauty and flowers

Today, while I did sleep in,
I had more energy and was able to do things...
including an impromptu grocery run, 
in which birthday flowers for Mr. Husband were bought.
I have decided that I am going to celebrate his birthday all weekend and next week,
before, during and after! :)
So we ate on our blue and white dishes for dinner and I had
the candles and flowers on a *newly cleaned* table!
Slowly I am catching up on laundry, de-cluttering and the like.
Wanted to take note of this special article on
Rev Richard Wurmbrand and how 
Orthodox people from the
Saint Herman Brotherhood visited with him.
It has a audio file of Richard Wurmbrand singing 
in Hebrew to the Mother of God. 
Tomorrow we hope to go to the 1 year memorial service for
Mr Husband's adult godson.
I am getting things ready for Sunday School as we will not be able to be
there for Sunday also, as the drive is long and we are not 
fully back to our full strength. ... we are still congested.... 
I did begin re-reading Elizabeth Goudge's 
Deans Watch and am enjoying this.
Well, Lent day 19 is done!
I thank God for this day...


Nancy McCarroll said...

Pastor Wurmbrand, what a saint. I listened to his song, and words prefaced by the woman who introduced the piece.

Insightful post, and thank you for letting me "get outside myself" in this message.

Julie and I are reading a fictional piece now about a Jewish retirement home. You never know what draws someone...

elizabeth said...

Nancy, he is a very special man! Glad you liked what I linked to!

T.J. said...

Thanks for your kind comments, Elizabeth. It was so lovely to hear from you! It's these gentle friendships that I miss the most when trying to balance out my life. Sounds like you and Mr. Husband have been ill; I hope you are fully on the mend soon and I will hold you in my prayers!