Sunday, April 24, 2016

Palm Sunday to the first of the Bridegroom Matins

We stayed local and went to our nearby church.
We were able to rest.
I was rather shocked when I was making scones, happily thinking of just staying in,
having time to finish all the things,...
and Mr Husband said it would soon be time for church again.
I was in the middle of trying to bake the vegan scones, just about to add the liquid.
How could I, even for a second, forget that most beloved service,
the first of the 3 Bridegroom Matins that are all about
being aware, awake and prepared, watching for Christ to come.
My forgetfulness was really upsetting given what we are to be doing.
It's hard, being a Christian is hard.
Keeping everything together is hard. 
But God is merciful.
Cleo took her meds pretty good tonight, and we just keep trying.
We had some nice 'being time' today.
I was a bit meltdown like, thinking of all I need to do in the next days,
but got a good start.
Hard to believe that Holy Week has already begun!


Tracy said...

How BEAUTIFUL is your Church!! So true though, being a Christian is hard--it's "hard work" sometimes. It is easy to often feel like we fall short. It is a vulnerable thing to be human, to recognize our human-ness, that we stumble. Every day is a change to dust ourselves off and come to Him again. I like that thought--I need that though! Thankfully God is so loving, and forgiving. :) Holy Week is such a precious time. In between all the busy this week, I hope you will find much time for prayer and enjoyment. And so glad it goes better giving Cleo her meds. One day at a time... ;)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I have found myself singing and humming "I will not speak of Thy Mystery to Thine enemies" constantly over the weekend.It is there with me all the time and is such a blessing.
Please say a prayer for me at the Bridegroom Services, which I definitely won't be able to attend.

Emily H. said...

That's a very pretty church! It is so easy to get busy with preparations and every other practical thing during Holy Week that it is an effort to remember to prepare my heart also.

Willow said...

Happy Easter week to you!
May you find rest, also, this week.