Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Prayer Request: Strep Throat

Bridegroom Matins was so beautiful last night.
I was feeling tired and my throat was a little sore.
By late last night/early morning I had the chills, was achy and 
my throat felt very swollen.
Yep. Strep Throat.  Very white inside mouth, swollen.
On antibiotics, will not be contagious by tomorrow, 11:15 AM.
I can't go to the service tonight, am contagious, doctor said stay home. :((((

Please pray for a quick recovery for me and ESP that my HUSBAND will NOT get sick also.
He's still weak from the flu.
And we have so much going on for Holy Week, including we hope still 
taking our beloved Munchkin to services and meeting with many people for meals.
It's our one chance to see people since we live so far from each other....

Thanks for the prayers!
Thank God that no matter what, 
His Holy Pascha is real, is coming and will last 
forever more!!! 


Nancy said...

Praying for you and hubby. Praying for strength for you to handle whatever comes your way and to come through it with joy. Was reflecting on some of what I'm going through this week, we're always going to have struggles and temptations. I figure before we can get to the joy of Pascha, we too need to experience our own cross and tomb. Prayers for everyone for a blessed Holy Week and that we may all enter into the fullness of the joy of Pascha.

GretchenJoanna said...

May the Lord heal you speedily! Thank God your soul is certainly being healed. Rest as much as you can, Dear Sister!