Friday, April 22, 2016

Lent Day 40 ~ whew, we made it....

Cleo, the Rascal.
She's so funny.
 I have to give some of Cleo's Meds with a syringe. 
One she likes the other, while it is flavored, is still bitter. 
She tends to take it OK in evening and hate it in the morning. 
She bubbles it out, so she has a hanging walrus of a mustache 
and this morning she shook her head, like cats do,
rocking back and forth...flinging the wet bubbled medicine 
everywhere, at once...  all over the floor and 
even so far for it to land in Mr Husband's cereal
 (what a waste of good cheerios). 
It was really funny.  Impressively so!
So Lysol wipes to clean up after my naughty Cleo 
what how still got her wet cat food treat after so she continues
 to associate unpleasant with a treat. 
That and I want her to eat more so that she will gain weight. :) 


We are still having work on our road.
It's taking forever.
Cleo no longer sits by the window, the noise bothers her.


Well, we have made it!
Today is the last day of Great Lent.
Day 40.
This day is a full one for me.


I had some anxiety to fight through 
RE: the state of our confused world.
But I know that the best thing I can do,
when I get anxious, is to seek to redirect my thoughts,
to get more calm, do something with my hands
and pray until I am peaceful.

It's hard.  I find it is a constant effort to 
rebalance myself inwardly, but with Christ's help,
it is possible.


I got Cleo a new liquid med for her antibiotic.
Thankfully it is in the 'flavour' - Salmon Steak believe it or not - that she 
tolerates OK.
It's still hard to give her all the meds, she really dislikes it. 
We are both feeling that we don't know how we can do this
med-giving more than 1 month.
The plan is to recheck her blood work after a month is past....


It's one of those last minute everything is happening days.
Sending out Sunday School lesson, cleaning, errands via Cleo...
Church tonight, cat sitter coming, 


It was wonderful to see the tulips by our local church, so beautiful.
I am finding myself remembering last year's Holy Week and Pre-Holy Week 
Weekend.... we celebrated a mile-stone birthday for Mr Husband,
the Munchkin served the first time in the Altar on Holy Thursday,
and the Munchkin's father, my husband's godson, died the next day, Holy Friday, unexpectedly.
So understandably, I am remembering it all and trying to pray through it.
We are seeing DV our beloved Munchkin a lot this week and hope to 
make some continued good memories for him at church and to give
some happier memories too.


It's going to be a very intense week.
No idea how much I will be able to blog.
Mr. Husband and I are still recovering from the flu;
my beloved is still quite weak, not his full self yet.
I am seeing how I have to pace myself too.


May God have mercy on us and 
carry us to His Holy Pascha! 


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Sending love, hugs and prayers for the three of you for Holy Week.

Nancy said...

Have a blessed Holy Week!

Tracy said...

Oh, that is sooo funny--Cleo with her walrus moustache... and shaking the head! Don't you love when cats shake their heads like that?! haha... But glad there's some progress, and you're able to give here some medication via syringe. It's hard when our pets need us like this, it's not easy. So much I understand what you mean--about needing re-balance when being exposed to the news this broken world. Very much I feel the same way. I don't watch news, and we don't have a TV, which helps. But I do read the news, not daily though, as that is too much, but one does like to be informed. Still, it is a LOT to take what happens in the world on a daily basis. It hurts the heart. Only HE can help that hurt. Hope you all are feeling better soon! And wishing you joyous days during Holy Week and as you prepare for Holy Pascha! :)

Lisa said...

I just came across a paper I had saved, with sayings from Padre Pio. He says, "Do not disturb your soul at the sad spectacle of human injustice...One day you will see the inevitable triumph of Divine Justice over it." :)

Pom Pom said...

Cleo is a rascal when it comes to her meds! I remember my mother saying that there was NOTHING harder than giving a cat a pill.