Sunday, April 17, 2016

Lent Day 35

I forgot to show the bus that looked like an old trolley that we saw on Saturday night,
on our way to church, so here are two pictures of it.
I failed to take a picture of the back, wish I had.
It had a railing and place to stand out back.
An incredible new but old looking period piece. 
Yesterday was a lovely day.
Liturgy, book sale...
we had 14 kids again for Sunday School!
We were tired/still hungry on way home, so stopped by our
favourite Thai place,
some of the pictures above I took earlier, but wanted to share them again.
The wooden carving is so intricate, it is 3D, has a depth and amazing details hidden 
in the shadows... a Artist of great talent made such a piece! 
The sign about parking in the back always makes us laugh,
so I had to take a picture of it again...
We ended up not getting home on time, 
took some wrong turns as we did not realize that Mr Husband's phone
that we were using for off-line (Google) maps had the volume up,
so some turns were missed.
I have been much cheered by being able to make some dinners
from scratch this weekend.
Simple things, a green salad, a festive fruit salad.
I realized that I need to switch almond milks as the one I had
is too sweet, has tons of sugar in it... not what I was looking for in a healthy
green smoothie! 
It's hard to believe that it is the last week in Great Lent!
I am relieved/happy about that.
I find that Lent is rarely what one would expect it to be,
and this one was no exception...instead of the hoped for 
steady focus, we had sickness and are still really 
recovering from it.
We get tired easily, husband lost a significant amount of weight,
(he's thin at baseline too), and we are having to be 
patient about all of this.
I was, over the weekend, able to conquer more of the clutter
that was overwhelming me.
We enjoyed some nice Dutch (actually made in Germany!) vegan cookies
and chocolate with tea. 
And that was Lent day 35!

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Martha said...

Oooh, Thai sounds so delicious. ♥ I know hard to believe Pascha is almost here.