Thursday, February 28, 2019

Reinforcements in Sickness

We had a very nice cozy day in a lot of ways.
Mr Husband and I are a team in sickness.
Did a lot of resting.
I had some sinus pain again.
I am trying to stay well hydrated.
I ordered lots more water, Gatorade, vitamin water,
saltines and applesauce.
I am sure we will be quite ready to eat other foods 
when we are better
but we are thankful for the provisions to help us heal. 
A friend brought us hot rice and bland chicken, which was a really
nice change... also we received more chicken noodle soup and bananas. 
I also had a toasted English Muffin dry but with honey and that was really nice.
So these things are a real blessing.
And various friends and family have texted or emailed,
also a blessing.
A lovely Ortho-announcement: 
I got word that this woman's Psalter 

(above are some sample pages I took on my phone camera)

I am ordering for various local friends here
but those not local, if you don't have this, do look into it,
I love it so much, it's both perfect for us women and the meditations between
the Psalter sections (this Psalter is divided up into 20 sections) are so
inspiring and encouraging. 
Also, Ortho-Christian note:
which is quite exciting.
She was one of the first woman's Saints I knew in my first year of Orthodoxy
and who I took (but not her name) as my patron when I was christmated...
my name's Saint is St Elizabeth the Mother of John the Baptist... 
Well, that's all the news for today!
May God bless, save and have mercy on us! 

More sickness

My Husband is now sick as well.
Please pray for us!
I have ordered more sick day supplies.
May this sickness be for our salvation.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

3 steps forward, 2 steps back

Well, lots of resting done today.
After my Husband commented to my talking about how
surprised at how tired I am, that of course I am so tired since I am 
eating so little and then, without thinking or or realizing the consequences,
I had a Popsicle. Felt energized, later had another. And then at dinner,
after my chicken soup, 3 strawberries. 
Opps.  Got sick again.  :(
So back on the BRAT (Banana, Rice, Applesauce, Toast) diet with
medicine also.  And lots to drink. 
We got some sick day supplies this morning and so glad we did.
Mr Husband was home again today but tomorrow he is back to work
so I promised I would stick to the BRAT diet and be more careful. 
Other than this, I had a nice day... lots of naps, resting.
I had chicken noodle soup which I enjoyed.
This morning I had some bad sinus pain but a decongestant helped with that.
I finished listening to Emily Denniston by DE Stevenson
it was engaging, very much an 'early book' but I am glad I listened to it.
I must say that I enjoyed the narration of it by Emma D'Inverno who was 
unknown to me before this but who I felt did a really good job
of narrating it and having the characters have their own voice, each
and she added to the experience of the book nicely. 
My Husband has been so kind to me, getting me things, etc.
I am so glad I married him and that together we have our life together...
Thanks each of you for your comments, each of them blesses and encourages me!
It's funny, how one can have a day that someone else would think was
not that fun, but even though I had the pain this morning, it passed 
and I rested while my Husband was home all day,
I was able to eat at the table with him for the first time since I got ill,
and Cleo came for a visit, sitting on my chair as she often does
when I am at the table. 
I will miss my dear one tomorrow but I will be with God no matter what
and will be careful to eat tummy-friendly things and I have
another audible book I can listen to, and enough crackers, juice and soup
to get me by.
I hope whatever you are facing today, that you can have
peace within it and the Lord's promise of His everlasting help and mercy.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019


I did not get much sleep last night,
was sick until early afternoon today.
Spent lots of time resting, napping and at times listening to an
audible book. I have managed to graduate from
only Gatorade and water to graham crackers and applesauce.
Tomorrow I hope to eat a bit more.
I can tell that it will take the rest of the week to recover,
it was really quite a bad sickness.
My sincere thanks for all your kind comments and prayers.
I guess this is a good way to get ready for lent!
When one has all the nastiness purged from one's system, LOL...
My Husband has been a real comfort.
He stayed home to be with me, working from home,
which he usually does on Wednesdays only so that
was a real blessing.
I pray that wherever we find ourselves, that we find that God's mercy is with us.

Took down the Christmas tree in the day, the night was spent in sudden illness

This painting is by Joy 
This is where my Christmas tree was.
Fine normal day,
Christmas packed away.
By this evening when Mr Husband came home,
I was telling him how I felt strange,
as if I was stressed physically and very dehydrated, 
when nothing was out of the ordinary and I had had lots of tea.
Well, soon I fell ill.  I will spare you the details, (your welcome),
but I have not been so violently ill like that I think in all of my adult life.
I am less ill but still having problems at present (it's near 2 AM Tuesday morning,
I have yet to be able to sleep though I am not racked with overwhelming 
misery from horrible all encompassing nausea so I feel pretty peaceful!).
Anyway, wow, our bodies are so fragile.
My Husband was a hero in helping me.
I did already talk to a medical professional via video chat so 
I feel that I am doing the right things to get better.
I am thankful that I seem, please God, to be past the worst of it.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

A quiet peaceful day.
Ride to church was foggy.
Liturgy and food back home... nap!!!
Then ice cream with fudge, dusting of cocoa and strawberries,
Pizza for dinner. So good!
We were given a pretty tin from a church friend whose wife
did not want it and realized that I collect tins for gifts...!
I am thinking this one may be perfect for a tea party I hope to have this summer...
I am dreaming of things in the future that will be fun... 
Mr Husband beat me this time at the game Dominion.
Cards done later.
Read more of Tolkien's letters tonight, so nice! 
I hope to take down the Christmas tree tomorrow and 
just be home all day.
First time I will DV be home all day in nearly 2 weeks.
Praying that God will be with all of us and have mercy on us!! 

Saturday, February 23, 2019

A really nice day, progress and rest

We played Dominion over breakfast, I won by 9 points!
I enjoyed some of my favourite teas...and my last Rose Kombucha...
Easy lunch with takeout...
A quiet day... with lots of texting at times as my friend 
was able to move to a different place of healing and she is now 
OUT of the hospital and Mr Husband and I saw her tonight...
She still needs more healing but she has come along way...
She was perfectly healthy before this, so it's new territory...
I am so thankful that so many are praying for her.
Thank you to each of you.
Tonight we finished various leftovers and had a really nice salad.
It was so nice to go to vespers... 
Tomorrow is the Sunday of the Prodigal Son... I am so very glad
for the church year and this amazing Gospel... 
May God help and save us all! 

Friday, February 22, 2019

A More Peaceful, Restful Day

 It was so wonderful just to be home today
(until I had to get the car from the mechanic late in the day,
the alternator had died most likely because the battery was totally dead,
the battery was able to be recharged however).
Laundry got done, the house is much cleaner, I was able to begin
putting away Christmas things and switched out the table linens.
A friend gave me a pretty brooch (blue and white, sparkly!)
and the table looked so fancy when I changed it and put the 
chocolates and box with the blue and white pin on it.
Was like Valentines Day but with chocolates and jewelry instead of
the wonderful 2 Ortho-CDs my Sweetie gave me (I asked for them
for Valentines Day). 
I felt like I was on an alternate version of Valentines Day
(given how much chocolate we were given at Christmas, my Husband would have
never gotten me another box of chocolate, but it sure is pretty, it was from one of my
local lady friends) and the blue and white pin/brooch was from another lady friend....
My Husband is generous and got me things that I did not have lots of
but I do admit I am enjoying the heart shaped chocolate box and the pin
is really pretty! 
I wish I could have more people over to share all the chocolate I have...
and tea...and treats...and such!
I never thought I would be so spoiled with gifts like I am in this time of my life.
I read more of The Village Centenary and am just loving it!
My friend is still in hospital...she really needs prayers...she is improving
but red tape is making it difficult for her to move to the next place for
more healing.  It's really difficult for her right now :( 
My Husband brought home more flowers today... 
The dolls in the pictures above were a gift we were given yesterday...
(along with a beautiful blue willow charger plate! and other things)...
they came in the mail... so nice!
We have about 5 or 6 plates to be hung up now to put up in our place... we don't usually
get to such things until our parents visit though... :) ... just so much going on
in our daily life... but one thing at a time...
I hope that this weekend will have some moments of encouragement
for each of you and that God will give your heart rest no matter
what is happening in your life.
May God's mercy uphold us and help us! 
May God save us and have mercy!