Sunday, February 03, 2019

A quiet Sunday

I stayed home from church today to continue resting from the 
head cold I have.
I am really hoping I am on the mend fully soon!
I made a cute card. 
Made beef roast again, my Mom's recipe.
So we have leftovers! 
We watched the Walton's tonight, 2 episodes.
I am still more tired than normal and congested,
so I will bid you all a good night 
and God's blessings to you in whatever way you need
His help and mercy! 


Unknown said...

A wise decision (albeit, I'm sure a difficult one) to stay home and rest. Your roast looks delicious! Stay warm and take care!

elizabeth said...

Thanks Liza! Yes, not an easy decision! I am doing my best to rest and get better!

Anonymous said...

I spy a kitty in a box! Too cute! Love your card ♥

I hope you are feeling better today. xo