Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Unexpected Intense Day...

I ended up sleeping in... my Husband was working from home today...
and I found that my friend had texted me and needed 
me to come because she was ill with a very high fever.
She was better by the time I got the text, 1.5 hours later, but 
was still very unwell and unable to do much.
So I had breakfast, texted her like crazy to figure out 
what I could make for her to eat 
(ended up making this big pot of chicken soup with mushrooms,
garlic, ginger, pre-made chicken broth, grilled chicken strips, 
rice...I bought scallions but forgot to put them in!)
and brought lunch for myself and other food things and
while I was making soup the doctor came and left
 (so cool that she does house visits)
and suddenly my friend's fever returned and her doctor returned
and it was pretty intense, with my friend shivering and shaking
and the doctor hooking up a saline IV drip right then and there using my
cart to make the drip high enough and my Husband came
and we talked with the doctor and went to eat dinner
at a nearby restaurant, telling my friend to text me about what is going on....
 in the end she went to Hospital, our local priest came and prayed for her,
her doctor was with her and she is in good care.
We don't know but it is possible that she will be back home 
again tomorrow and need help... I told her I would come back....
She, like many of us here, do not have family nearby and I was so glad
that I was free to help her ... and that our church family was around to help
as well and to pray... 
Meanwhile, I ask your prayers too... 
she is a dear friend of mine, visited me when I broke my foot,
has been with us for Thanksgiving and other special times
and is someone I care about.
Thank God for church family and God's mercy. 
Well, that is the news from my end of things.
I do hope whatever you are facing is done with hope in God and that
He cares about you and wants to carry you through whatever it is
that may be a deep burden to you right now.
God bless us and save us! 


Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Sending prayers for your dear friend...

GretchenJoanna said...

We never know what to expect! But every day is a gift that way... It was probably good that you slept in, to prepare you for the intense day. God bless you, Elizabeth!!

Elizabethd said...

How wonderful that you were there to support your friend.

elizabeth said...

Thanks so much T.H!
G-J, yes! very much so!
Elizabethd - yes, a blessing!

Becki said...

The hands and feet of Christ. What a blessing you are to your friend, Elizabeth; and she to you.

Lisa Richards said...

I hope your friends is feeling better soon. It's so good to be able to help!