Friday, February 22, 2019

A More Peaceful, Restful Day

 It was so wonderful just to be home today
(until I had to get the car from the mechanic late in the day,
the alternator had died most likely because the battery was totally dead,
the battery was able to be recharged however).
Laundry got done, the house is much cleaner, I was able to begin
putting away Christmas things and switched out the table linens.
A friend gave me a pretty brooch (blue and white, sparkly!)
and the table looked so fancy when I changed it and put the 
chocolates and box with the blue and white pin on it.
Was like Valentines Day but with chocolates and jewelry instead of
the wonderful 2 Ortho-CDs my Sweetie gave me (I asked for them
for Valentines Day). 
I felt like I was on an alternate version of Valentines Day
(given how much chocolate we were given at Christmas, my Husband would have
never gotten me another box of chocolate, but it sure is pretty, it was from one of my
local lady friends) and the blue and white pin/brooch was from another lady friend....
My Husband is generous and got me things that I did not have lots of
but I do admit I am enjoying the heart shaped chocolate box and the pin
is really pretty! 
I wish I could have more people over to share all the chocolate I have...
and tea...and treats...and such!
I never thought I would be so spoiled with gifts like I am in this time of my life.
I read more of The Village Centenary and am just loving it!
My friend is still in hospital...she really needs prayers...she is improving
but red tape is making it difficult for her to move to the next place for
more healing.  It's really difficult for her right now :( 
My Husband brought home more flowers today... 
The dolls in the pictures above were a gift we were given yesterday...
(along with a beautiful blue willow charger plate! and other things)...
they came in the mail... so nice!
We have about 5 or 6 plates to be hung up now to put up in our place... we don't usually
get to such things until our parents visit though... :) ... just so much going on
in our daily life... but one thing at a time...
I hope that this weekend will have some moments of encouragement
for each of you and that God will give your heart rest no matter
what is happening in your life.
May God's mercy uphold us and help us! 
May God save us and have mercy!


Granny Marigold said...

Nice that you had a more relaxing day; also that your car is working again and it doesn't sound like it was a huge thing that needed to be fixed.

Elizabethd said...

I do love your cat, Elizabeth. Do you think she would like a holiday in England?!

Lisa said...

Was Cleo begging there? Such a cutie.

Lisa Richards said...

The new tablecloth is so pretty! Is Cleo a grumpy cat? She looks a little grumpy in the photos, lol. I really love the oval, blue Christmas ornament with the church on it. I also love how you actually use your pretty things instead of leaving them on a shelf. Wish I could share your chocolate! :)

elizabeth said...

Granny M - yes! thanks!
Elizabethd- I don't know if Cleo would do well with a 6 hour flight :) someday I hope to holiday in England... not this year but I hope one day!
Lisa, YES!!!! she was begging!!! She can be very vehement sometimes! MEOW!!!
Lisa R ~ , thanks!!! Cleo can be grumpy and I think often does not like having her picture taken :) That Christmas ornament was a gift from a couple years ago who gave it to me when I graduated from library school! I think of them every time I get it out again for Christmas!!! I wish I could share my chocolate with you too!