Saturday, January 19, 2019

Theophany 2019...

The verses for Theophany in the above picture really struck me.
Everything is blessed, everything refreshed, water renewing... 

Spoiled so much, we got another Christmas gift,
a book I have heard such great things about, that is called
Cancer, My Love, about a woman in Romania whose faith
and love is so inspiring, her book has changed lives,
encouraged... I hope to read this...
Lent is still well over a month away but already I am aware of it
and if I am not reading this book before then, I should read it during Lent...
I have such a long way to go...

We enjoyed more treats from my Grandma... 

My Husband cut a thick slice of St Basil's bread that had the coin in it...
he gave it to me and while he was not looking, I switched plates
so that he got it, as I wanted him to have the blessing, 
and feel that we are both blessed since he gave it to me to have the blessing :) 

This seems to be my Christmas for tea... I am getting more in the mail...!
will show you when it comes, DV.... 
After being away for 2 days for Theophany, we are staying local this weekend.
I am really tired, as is Mr Husband.... it will be good to get some rest...
One of you asked (I think it was Gretchen Joanna) if the Christmas miracle is 
related to the long-term unbloggable worry we had. 
YES!!!! It is!
We are going to have resolution to a 2 year struggle that really began 3 years ago.
It will take time but for the first time in a long time
we have hope for better...
A dear church friend when she heard the good news felt that
God has moved in our lives so visibly, that we were in the wilderness
and that God delivered us out of it. 
When God worked after many months of struggle, so quickly, I am still 
a bit lost at sea in terms of seeing that this struggle is really over.
It's such a miracle.
We are praying that as we work towards full resolution that God will continue
to give us such encouragement and rebuilding that we (like so many) are in need of.
Well, I better get on towards bed again now.
I seem to blog late at night these last months.
It is raining thick drops... I think the snow many are getting is going to just be rain here.
But that's OK, even if I love snow.
God bless and help us all,
I know that so many of us are in so many difficult battles.
Lord have mercy on us and save us! 

Friday, January 18, 2019

12th Day of Christmas! Theophany Eve, Wonderful Meals and Tea Treasures

We were at our far-away church this morning and this evening
for Theophany Eve.
For dinner we had Indian, the samosas are some of the best I have had. 
I ordered some new teapot drip catchers and am really excited about this!
My Christmas Crackers are coming,
a special gift basket is coming on Monday as well...
Next week Sunday is a Christmas dinner I hope to do... 
I will have to get organized soon and think of everything I want for it...
I know I want the following:

~Beef roast like my Mom does
~Mashed Potatoes
~Roasted Broccoli ? 
~ Corn 
~Green Salad + toppings + dressings
~Apple Sauce
~Hot Fruit Salad ?
~Rolls with butter 

~Hot Apple Cider 
~Sparkling Apple Cider 


~Gingerbread cake with chocolate glaze
~Ice Cream
~Tea & Coffee 

Meanwhile, it is time for rest.... 

Thursday, January 17, 2019

11th day of Christmas...

I am so excited to have a Pizza Stone again!
I hope to bake this bread soon!  

Such a delicious breakfast!!! 

Cleo suddenly fascinated by dry food because I refilled the jar!...

I am so very blessed to have such a full pantry.
I am very aware of those who do not... 

Another delicious bar from the tin of my Grandma's baking!
Her Christmas gift to us!

I made more Chicken Broth, with Garlic and Ginger!
Colds going around and I am doing what I can to help us heal or stay well.
Praying that God is with you no matter what is going on in your life 
right now... 

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

10th Day of Christmas ~ Shopping and Special Things + Chicken Soup and Walton's Date

I was concerned about getting shopping done for 
the January (every January I think, best sales of year for our
local grocery store) as I was seeing that doing it with my 
Husband would just be too much at present 
(for him not myself) and so I went today from about 
11 - 2:30... and then gave my friend the small St Basil bread
and then put everything away...
I got a lot of things, as you can see...
actually more than this as I got various things at another store nearby
including (not pictured) a new pizza stone with a 10 year warranty!
So I tend to stock up on things during sales and I forgot one of the 
reasons that I do this (not a good reason but...)
it's fear.  Just the fear of running out/not having what I need when I need it.
Anyway, I just hope that all I have can be used to bless my Husband, our home and 
also others.  I also, another reason, like to have all that is needed
for my home, so that I have whatever we may need.
I am thinking of baking more bread and am excited about that.
Am looking at this walnut and cranberry bread recipe... 
Tomorrow is the 11th day of Christmas! 
I am so thankful for this time.
The Christmas miracle is as official as it can be now and it's such a relief. 
Well, we had chicken soup and a Walton's date.
We are both needing rest, so I best say 'good night' and
 God keep you well
for now! 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

9th Day of Christmas ~ Christmas Miracle Affirmed + a lovely lunch and tea!

I had two quilting guild friends over for lunch today!
I made the chicken soup I had made before...
it should have had more broth however, was too thick... 
but we do our best and keep learning... 
My Husband sent me the best news today,
that our Christmas Miracle is really confirmed, affirmed, happening.
I called my Mom immediately of course, while I was making soup!
It's such a answer to so many prayers... 
The lunch was so nice... just to enjoy,
eat together, talk, enjoy tea and conversation.
I shared my Grandma's goodies, my friend S's toffee and gave a chocolate goodie bag
to my friend P who likes sweets and both took a small container of 
chocolate covered cherries home with them.
That's my version of a successful lunch! Sharing! Enjoying! 
Later I took a walk... it's cold right now and I am one of the few who loves it...
I need to get back into walking more... 
Laundry washing, drying and folding later on 
and I talked to my Grandma while I washed up the lunch dishes...
I have more chicken soup for us to eat later... it is still the 12 days of Christmas
for us so tomorrow is fast free!
I am going to enjoy chocolate, tea with milk and such things, God willing!
Dinner was the rest of the turkey casserole, some leftover Indian leftovers with rice
and yogurt and salad. 
Tomorrow I am home and hope to do more letter writing, and reading more of Miss Read!
This morning I listened to vespers for St Seraphim as it is his day today (Julian calendar)

That was really nice ...

Also heard this...

Later it went to Paschal music and I thought how wonderful it is that
Christmas and Pascha (Easter) are so linked... so joyful! So full of HOPE...

Music is so powerful...

I've listened to this various times as well


I pray that God will keep us in His care...
I am feeling better, after yesterday feeling that I was getting a cold...
(was so glad that I finally juiced our lemons and made hot ginger tea
with lemon juice and raw honey for us at dinner)
but I am still concerned about sickness coming to our house and I pray
for health... and mercy, God's mercy...
and I pray God's mercy also for you.