Monday, December 23, 2019

(120) Busy Days

I got ALL of the Christmas baking out and in bags.
Bags for local church kept out and ready for this week.
The rest of the bags (the majority of them) are bagged up in 
gallon freezer bags and back in the freezer before the cookies were fully 
thawed out!  That was a lot of work... 
And then other gifts were delivered and I bagged up gifts for both a few
local church friends and then our main far-away church friends... 
So I was super busy with that today.
Tomorrow begins liturgies at our local church. 
We will be there this year for them, though when they have their
Christmas liturgy we will keep fasting, as we began the fast
with the Julian "old" calendar and will celebrate Christmas DV in full
on January 7th! This will be really nice...I am looking forward to that!
But before this second Christmas we have family visits coming up
and I won't be blogging much 
so don't worry if I don't write here every day!  :) 
I wish everyone a blessed Christmas.
I know the Christmas holidays can be difficult for many. 
May Christ, the one who came on Christmas day to save us, 
comfort each of us regardless of our current life circumstances.
God bless you, each and everyone! 


Granny Marigold said...

Thank you for the Christmas wishes. I know it's not your Christmas just yet but I do hope the coming days and weeks of family visiting will be times of blessing for you and your husband.

Nancy said...

May God draw you and Mr. Husband closer to Him in the year to come!

P.S. We won't worry about your lack of posts but we will miss them!

Elizabethd said...

Wishing you a peaceful year ahead, and a joyful Christmas when you celebrate yours.

Lisa said...

You are so hard-working with those cookies! I've made some to give away (we don't need any for ourselves, as my brother's customers are providing those!), and it's nice. I'm going to make more, until I'm tired of it. :)

Lisa Richards said...

Have a blessed Christmas!