Tuesday, December 03, 2019

(100) All Piled Up

I was able to visit L. in the hospital, 
her surgery went well and a few hours after I saw her
she was moved to a Rehab place.
She's a delightful older lady from our local church and I was 
so glad to have seen her. 
I feel a bit like everything is piled up on me; 
my sleep was quite bad last night;
so this morning I rested a lot.
I know this season can be so busy for us
and for many it has a lot of heartache. 
But there is beauty too.
One of the creators of beauty is my friend Grace,
and she has some beautiful dolls, beeswax nativities and trees,
and some adorable toddler dresses. 
I hope to do a post with these soon to show you but wanted
to give you the heads up now.
The dolls are one of a kind and made with reference
to literary themes! See them here.
I pray that each of us will be upheld by 
Christ not matter what we are facing at present.


Lisa Richards said...

I see you got some snow, too! I slept badly last night as well. When I'm awake I try to spend time praying. I took a long nap today and felt better. I'm so thankful I have the time to nap! Your house is so cozy. So much to be thankful for! :)

Granny Marigold said...

Your home looks so cozy! I hope you can sleep better this night.

Becki said...

I love all the candlelight pictures. And those dolls made by Grace are beautiful. Sweet and adorable in terms of being lovable, and beautifully made.