Friday, June 30, 2023

Once There was a Village

"IF YOU'VE never been to la Fontenelle you've never seen spring at its best-not the over-ripe, blousy spring that tumbles into bloom after three days of warm sunshine, but the quiet, persistent, invincible spring that begins at the end of February, when the winter-cold is still in the ground and in the air, and which, slowly, imperceptibly, in the face of all odds of weather and apparent opportunity, takes possession of the countryside. First the lower meadows near the river become more vividly green, then unexpected primroses and violets come to bloom in hidden corners while you are still huddling over fires and blowing your fingers warm. Against the tawny walls of old farmhouses, wet with winter rains, you find a little fruit tree gay with pink or white blossom; the rolling meadows on the higher lands are suddenly carpeted in short new grass, and the winter wheat is green-growing in the fields between untrimmed hedges before you know it. No day seems to bring a change, but by the time April is drawing to a chill, reluctant close, the whole country is in full beauty, the hedgerows laced with the white may, the apple trees in the lanes heavy with bloom, and the birds singing in full confidence of the summer to come."

From Once There was a Village
By Katharine Dunlap · 1941

I loved the understanding, found in this quote, of Spring coming again, the bitterness of winter does not prevail.

This is the beginning of a delightful novel I found at my library. 

When I read the beginning of this novel, quoted above, I above knew immediately that I wanted to read on! A poignant beautiful description of a village in France leading up to WWII.

You meet a brother and sister who live in an old stone house in a small French village and the story swoops you up in it's well-written tale, all the while going towards WWII...

If you enjoy vintage fiction, WWII era fiction, women authors, and a well written novel this one is delightful!

Friday, June 23, 2023

two times in one week

In NYC at my library. It did me good as they say. 

I am thankful.

May God have mercy on us 🙏 

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Thankful to be in NYC

It was a real success for me to go to NYC and be in my library again. 

I had to face a lot of inward hurtles to do so. 

It's going to take a long time to recover from this past year. 

I am thankful for today. 

May God have mercy on us 🙏 

Friday, June 16, 2023

Beauty and Hope

A beautiful rose my Husband saw and immediately had me see it too, on our walk....

I found the above paragraphs very encouraging about what repentance is and the attitude of hope and trust 🙏 

from this book....The Inner Kingdom by Met Kallistos Ware.

I did my second public Instagram post today.  That is since December. 

Rebuilding my life takes a lot of time.  Trying again though. 

May God help us 🙏 and have mercy 🙏

Monday, June 12, 2023

"You WILL Get Better" ~ Remembering My Mom's Words


I was remembering my Mom's confidence, cheerfulness
and faith that when she came and I had lost my memory, 
she would tell me again and again:
"You WILL get better"
"You ARE getting better!" 
"Many people are praying for you, you will get 
better, it just takes time." 
Thank God my memory is back now. 
I had to tell my Husband
(we are dealing with a complicated house repair
with a lot of complications that I can't go into here)
that God WILL help us, 
that we have asked for God's help and 
in God's humility and love He actually listens to our 
requests and cares and WILL help us.
I am being challenged to remember
(re Met Kallistos Ware's book, 
The Inner Kingdom) that repentance
is directly linked to hope in God.
Repentance is what we most greatly desire but
often don't know it 
but is the path to true peace and love,
as it is the path to Christ. 
So we have hope, hopeful expectation of God's help
and mercy... 
I am finding that the time I am in right now calls
for a lot of waiting, a lot of patience, 
a lot of trust. 
Lessons of my life, that I hope I can grow in.
With God's help,
growth can truly happen,
by God's will, time and mercy...
May God have mercy on us and save us!

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Chicken on Toast

Inspired by when I made Chicken Ala King  I used the white sauce recipe from my 1945 Boston Cooking School Cookbook and added some paprika. I tried to make the Chicken cook more quickly by doing at 425 F but it took longer anyway. 

I chopped up the cooked chicken and added it to the sauce. We enjoyed it in toast! 

Monday begins a month long Apostles fast. 

I am thinking a lot about a thankful heart and asking God's mercy. 

So many are struggling with various things.

May God have mercy on us 🙏 

Friday, June 09, 2023

First dinner party of 6 since I was unwell

We had a nice dinner tonight celebrating my Husband's 30th anniversary of his baptism ❤️

I wrote this earlier:

First big dinner party (6 total) since I was sick. Last time I tried to clean my cut glass candlestick holders I was at the sink and suddenly "woke up" not knowing who I was, where I was or who anyone else was. Thank God that I have my memory back since mid-March. This has been a very challenging year. But I am so thankful for how God saved me!

Chicken Marsala 
Mashed Potatoes
Roasted Brussel Sprouts
Bread hot out of the oven
Ceaser Salad 
Fruit Salad
Cheesecake for dessert with tea or

It was a lovely evening! I thank God for it!

Tuesday, June 06, 2023

A Tired Tuesday

I slept pretty badly last night. Thanks Lisa for your suggestions 😊 have been up since 3:30 AMbut I take some medicine normally that I forgot to take so I should be better now. 

So I take after my Opa in not sleeping well at times.

Also had I realized today that I had found out about our priest and Matushka retiring and moving December 11th.  By January 7 I was on prednisone and was manic for about 1.5 months then had progressive memory loss that got better and stabilized about March 5 but I was in huge emotional shock for at least another month and didn't feel well till about end of March.... then I got a cold, the rash returned and my friend Peter died on April 14th.  

So I am just really grieving the loss of my Priest and Matushka who I didn't get to say goodbye to because I lost my memory. 

And our choir director of our local church also retiring from our church so it's another goodbye. 

So it's just going to take time. 

Reading Elizabeth Gougde about loss was really good (a different type of loss but still it helped).

May God have mercy on us 🙏 

Monday, June 05, 2023

beauty and struggle

I am struggling a bit more than normal I think. 

I was so sick for the first 3 months of this year. 

I was remembering the last weekend my Mom was here.  My memory was back.  I was still on prednisone.  Twice I got so chilled that I was shaking uncontrollably for being so cold.  It was physically exhausting.  Once was on the way home. I just kept thinking about the homeless who are cold and distracted myself. 

My Mom and Husband helped. I slept with layers of cloths, 4 water bottles and many blankets.   Drank hot tea.  It was like the cold was deep inside me and my whole body was shaking. 

I am so grateful for my Husband. 

He took good care of me. 

It was traumatic for him too.  Sometimes I didn't know who he even was. 

I scared my friends and family.  It was really difficult. 

Well. I have been having a hard time sleeping.  I think I am still in a lot of grief in ways.  I have had a lot of loss.  

There are good things of course abundantly.   

May God have mercy on us 🙏 

challenging and beautiful

I needed the above readings.  The struggle is to try to live it.

Lord help and have mercy 🙏 

Sunday, June 04, 2023

New Beginnings

It was a beautiful beginning with our new priest and his family 🙏❤️

May God have mercy on us all 🙏

Saturday, June 03, 2023


We welcome the new priest and his family to our local church. 

Tonight we went to our faraway church.