Tuesday, June 06, 2023

A Tired Tuesday

I slept pretty badly last night. Thanks Lisa for your suggestions 😊 have been up since 3:30 AMbut I take some medicine normally that I forgot to take so I should be better now. 

So I take after my Opa in not sleeping well at times.

Also had I realized today that I had found out about our priest and Matushka retiring and moving December 11th.  By January 7 I was on prednisone and was manic for about 1.5 months then had progressive memory loss that got better and stabilized about March 5 but I was in huge emotional shock for at least another month and didn't feel well till about end of March.... then I got a cold, the rash returned and my friend Peter died on April 14th.  

So I am just really grieving the loss of my Priest and Matushka who I didn't get to say goodbye to because I lost my memory. 

And our choir director of our local church also retiring from our church so it's another goodbye. 

So it's just going to take time. 

Reading Elizabeth Gougde about loss was really good (a different type of loss but still it helped).

May God have mercy on us 🙏 


Pom Pom said...

Jesus the Healer is making you well. When you are tired, rest! I hope you do!

Lisa said...

I haven't read A City of Bells in Way too long.....

Gloriade said...

Hello Elizabeth, Grief takes so many forms and not being well on top of loss must seem overwhelming at times, but we cling to Jesus our healer, savior and high priest. I always gain some words of wisdom and truth when I read Elizabeth Goudge. She must have been a woman of deep faith. Please stay safe and healthy as you can in that toxic and smoke fill environment you are enduring at the moment. Praying the wind changes soon. May our Savior and Lord have mercy and grant you peace.

Martha said...

Goudge has provided me with a helpful balm during difficult periods, too.

karen said...

the older I get the worse my quality of sleep is for me. I am lucky that even though I wake up frequently I fall back to sleep most of the time.