Monday, September 26, 2022

Our 10th Wedding Anniversary Dinner in Ottawa

My 10th anniversary dinner that I had dreamed of came true!

I dreamed of having a dinner party that I would do myself!

We got delicious fish from the la pointe fish store in 

the byward market, I made salmon as I always have

but this salmon was exceptional, I think because it was cut from the

side of salmon that day! It was so delious and nourishing!

I made a vegan, GF chocoate raspberry cake and

got vegan sorbetto in grapefruit, lemon and raspberry.

I had two teas for the event, a decaf black and 

a chocolate roiboos. 

I was up by 5 AM and had the cake done by 7.

my friend Mary lent me her cake pans, measuring spoons...

Les Suites came through with beautiful English dishes, a table

and baking pans for the fish.

The beautiful cream roses (I just loved them!) I bought at

the Byward Market that very afternoon...


If you are new to my blog, I lived in Ottawa Canada for

7 years before my wedding to my Husband at my 

lovely Ottawa church.

We returned for our 10th wedding anniversary.....

All of my friends there at this meal had been at

our wedding and three of them had been at our first

ever dinner party, the first night that my Husbnad and I met

in person when we were dating.

We talked literature, theology, history,

it was our own 'salon' as my Husband said.

A really enjoyable meeting of like minds over 

a lovely meal.

I was so touched by everyone's joy and how they sang

'God grant you many years' at the end.

Everyone had a wonderful time and it was a really happy day.

In fact, everything I could have hoped for. 

I pray that my Husband and I have MANY MORE years

together and that God blesses our marriage 

and life together! 

preparing for pain and being laid up

It's a strange thing to know when one is preparing for a difficulty that one cannot fully measure. 

I am gearing up for hammertoe surgery on 3 toes in just over 2 weeks (Tuesday October 11th God willing). 

Above picture is 2 of the 3 casseroles I made for easy to prepare meals. (All from a double batch of my Christmas turkey casserole....I made the chicken stock that went in the homemade white roux for the sauce...)

Recovery will be 4-6 weeks.  

I assure you that the time has come for this surgery, it's becoming increasingly difficult to do longer walks.... noticeably more difficult...

Prayers fully welcome! ❤️🙏🕯

3 Pots of Tea

Two pots of the iconic Fortnum and Mason Classic Earl Grey (I did 2+ scoops in second pot this tea I love strong and with at least 5 minutes steeping time) and my first pot of Celebration Tea ... a Chai tea I bought in Old can see the star 🌟 anise! It is a warming tea and perfect for food with a bit of heat!

I am impressed with how fresh and strong the spice compliment is!

It's the perfect tea for a cold rainy day! It warms you through and through!

I just finished re-reading DE Stevenson's "The Blue Sapphire" it's such a lovely delightful read pulls you from dispair into assurance that goodness is really there... 

And for this I thank God ❤️

Sunday, September 25, 2022

how the days go by

It is raining quite hard tonight. 

After liturgy, at our church picnic, a dear friend who had been England brought me tea and a periodical remembering Queen Elizabeth.... 

I was in Ottawa going to a friend's home and talking to her on the phone and she told me that the Queen had died. I was shocked. I am mostly news free now that I am not on Instagram much. What a relief this is. I needed to live with less stress and this is one of the ways.

Well, it was wonderful to be told over the phone than otherwise. 

I look forward to trying my new tea! I have always wanted to try tea from this store!

May God have mercy on us....

Friday, September 23, 2022

the days are long yet quickly over

Lots done today including a double batch of muffins. 

Praying for the East Coast to Canada 🇨🇦 re: hurricane Fiona.

May God have mercy on us all ❤️🙏🕯

Thursday, September 22, 2022

a little bit about today

We got Indian takeout as a treat!

I had 2 pots of new from Canada 🇨🇦 tea!

I put up our handcrafted Romania spoon! A thoughtful 10th anniversary gift 🎁 from dear friends ❤️
I used a new incense from the Greek Monastery in Quebec 🕯🙏❤️

We enjoyed some delicious cookies from a dear friend!

This is all the tea I got on my trip! The Yorkshire Gold was merely a good price! I drink a lot of this tea! It's a good strong tea....

And that's a bit about today!

May God bless and help us 🙏 ♥️ 

Ottawa beginnings

We came just before our 10th wedding anniversary to Ottawa the city of my heart ❤️ and where we were married. 

I was surprised to find Adam's Peanut butter 🥜 as I used to buy this when I lived in British Columbia!

I brought special oils that I gave as gifts at our 10th wedding anniversary dinner. 

I brought silver-plated candle sticks, trays sugar and creamer, teapot and quart- sized jug 🤩 as well as linens. 

My first event was a meal at a dear friends home.... it was a wonderful beginning of a trip of 2 weeks.... first trip outside of visiting family in Michigan since the pandemic began...

God be continued....

Returned from a trip to Canada

The trip began in Ottawa with icons above the kitchen sink... 

We rented a hotel apartment suite that was perfect for us at Les Suites.

I hope to write slowly about our very special vacation ❤️

Monday, September 05, 2022

Things I love about Today

YouTube screenshot from HERE.

I had a busy day but rested a bit too. 

I am tired! But greatful. 

May God have mercy on us! ♥️🙏

Sunday, September 04, 2022

Sunday beautiful Sunday

My Husband has been hearing all about this book on Jacques Maritain.  I discovered him at my library. It's another potential piece of the puzzle that I am putting together for my writing project. 

It's super fun 😊

So we are going to be busy with some family visits this if I am not here as much please don't worry 🙏🙃

It was so good to be at church. I was struggling with some things but confession and holy Communion really gave me needed restoration. 

May God have mercy on us! 🕯🙏🕯☦️

Thursday, September 01, 2022

A Special Book from the Past

I looked up this school. It's in the UK in Suffolk. I believe it changed in profound ways. Sadly I don't think it would give such a Christian book as an award or in perhaps any way be recognizable today from what it was then. The world and England has challenged dramatically from 1914...

Still what a special book we have!.....📚🙏