Thursday, January 25, 2024

When the Jeresy Comes out...

{I don't know this website but my Husband
and I find this joke really funny. If you don't, 
so sorry. Don't bother reading on LOL}
So a little snippet from tonight as I wrote to a friend...:

I am laughing now.  Ok, so we really needed to get something delivered ASAP and my Husband had called numerous times about this and it was not resolved. So when I heard that it was the same run-around I took his phone from his hand and said you are now talking to me. I immediately asked for a manager.   Then I said all the needed details, that this was absolutely unacceptable and that they were causing the problem and it needs to be fixed now.  The woman quickly escalated it twice.  And I said that I needed them to call me by 10 AM EST tomorrow with proof that the situation is fully resolved.  She asked for my phone number.  I said that you will be calling my Husband and that I only take over when there is trouble and my Husband needs me to take over.  She laughed and said she hopes she never talks to me again.  LOL.  We both laughed at that one.  I just said my Husband needs this resolved and we were happy on the phone together.  She did a good job.  It's just that sometimes a bit of FIRE needs to be put under the person's feet so that it gets resolved.  I HOPE it is by 10 AM or I will have to cause more trouble cause my Husband does not have time for such nonsense.  I tell you, I always take care of those I love and my Husband, I will always sort things for him.  HA! 🙂

If you didn't know I can be like that, 
well now you do LOL. 

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Christmas dinner take 1

Christmas dinner with our Munchkin and Mother. He is taller than me now! It was a really nice dinner. 

It is a bit of a wild ride for me as I do things that last year I was really sick during. 

Healing with God is possible 🙏 and I thank God 🙏

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Winter Beauty

I am slowly healing from the trauma of last year. It will take time but I have hope for it.

I am loving the winter weather we have right now and am taking long walks.  They are very healing. 

Monday, January 01, 2024