Wednesday, July 18, 2018

St Elizabeth's Day in NJ + Aunt H day in MI

Thrift store fun!!! 

My book finds! Books were 50% off!!! 

I got 3 Dutch tins in great condition!
The taller Droste tin is made in England for Droste in 1984!
And in great condition! I can't wait to add these to my collection
in my pantry! 

Today was a blessing.
My Husband made it to liturgy for St Elizabeth's day,
saw many people he knows and love, 
had various ones ask him where I was (in MI),
was given food for dinner tonight, 
made plans to see others for lunch or dinner in NJ or NYC,
and had a really good time and felt very cared for.
As a wife who is in MI while he is in NJ this made
me so grateful and happy. 
So he called from church while I was in the thrift store,
I told him about the books I found
(first edition Potok, PD James, Julia Child + vintage L'Engle in paperback, etc!).
the very cute Dutch tins and we discussed the silverplate in wooden box
for all of 12.00!  I have in NJ 2 wooden boxes, one of which the top part
(where the knives are) is coming apart from the wood.  
This may be fixable, I am not sure.  It also has a very scratched top. 
Anyway, this box was much better + some nice pieces that polished up 
brilliantly, even better than a lot of what I already have... plus 6
serving spoons that don't have part of the silver platting missing! 
And 4 grapefruit spoons! (I don't have any of these)... and a uniquely shaped 
server that I researched and found it is for pastry/pies! 
34 pieces total!
That's 35 cents/piece! And without the box in the price! 
They all polished up very nicely!
I am so very pleased!! 
DV my parents will come in October and bring this set with them... 
I don't at all mind having mix-and-match silver plate sets
and I dream of being able to offer more hospitality and having 
people over... we will see what God allows... 
I dream of having more hospitality... I hope one day God will allow this... 
I know I am granted various times with this, but I still would love to do more,
even if it was only soup and bread.... 
We shall see...
I am counting down the days until I am with my Beloved Husband again,
but I am thankful for all the visits with family meanwhile...
I told my Husband on the phone that I feel like a plant wilting without 
sunshine when I am not with him... and sang him the 
'you are my sunshine' song and he was all cute, saying
"I think that was a declaration of love" which of course it was!
So while we are in a challenging time today was a real boost to us both.
Dear St Elizabeth the New Martyr, pray to God for us! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Another day, quiet and working towards a better tomorrow

From a Miss Read book.
I have found a lot of truth in these words;
we've been in a really hard unbloggable time for over 1.5 years, 
really 2 years already, and it has often been the little things,
the beauty of a dish, a cup of good tea, 
a glass of milk, a rose that smells like a rose, 
a green leafy tree, a baby's smile, a beautifully done fabric, 
or a card in the mail or a text, a phone call, or a visit over tea
and lunch... a nice bit of chocolate...esp shared with a friend...

I saw my oldest friend today, 
oldest not in years but in that we have known each other since
 I was 5 months and she was born :)
Because of busy family schedules, we have not really talked in years 
but like any true friendship, we just picked up where we left off,
told each other many things, including hard things that we have gone through
or are going through and that was a real blessing...
I wish I could see her more...

My Husband had this pie at a restaurant near our home.
I really wanted him too, 
we are going through a really hard time and it's super hard to be 
away from him right now, painful actually at times, but we both feel 
I need to be here right now for my niece's baptism...
and since I can't making him nice treats to eat, I was glad he went out
and had this for dessert... key lime pie! 
I am so glad that there have been so many blessings of family visits
and friends and for the Lord's mercy....

My Mom's Roast Beef + About Today

Today was a quiet day.
I finished Miss Clare Remembers.
It was hot here, there was no rain where my parents were
and in NJ where my Husband it, there's a heat advisory because of the 
humidity.... so that's hard.... friends of Mr Husband had him over for a later dinner
and I am so glad we have friends like this...
I am missing my beloved Husband a lot right now! 
But soon, DV, we will be back in NJ together...
Meanwhile, about dinner that was so good at my parents house tonight,
will leave you with this simple recipe from my Mom... 

roast beef as I had it today at my Mom's house 
My Mom told me after dinner how she made this delicious roast beef, 
here's the instructions:

English roast is the one she chooses

Use a glass 7x11 pan if that is the size needed

She uses foil, heavy duty Reynolds wrap, pull out huge piece, 
put in bottom of glass pan, put meat on it, then get a can of
Campbell's cream of mushroom soup, 
Mom buys the healthy request soup, and put that on top. 
Then one of the lipton onion mushroom packages 
which has more than one packet in it.  
Use 1 packet, half or whole packet is sprinkled it on after the soup is on top, 
then wrap it up in the heavy duty foil
curl up edges, wrapped real tight ... baked in oven 300F for 4 hours...
 = delicious gravy with roast 
The left overs often even better than first time you have it 

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Thankfulness while in MI at my parent's home....

Two very special Crosses picked out for my newly adopted niece, R. M.!!! 
The gold one is for her 18th birthday... I have written a letter
to her, for her to open on her 18th birthday to go with this
and my Sister and Brother-in-Law are going to save it
for her for this time.... 
I am so excited for her baptism! The Crosses are both
baptism gifts... 

From one of our walks at my parent's house...

One of the cutest dogs ever, named Dobby!

At Lake Michigan 2 weeks ago...

Some of the books I have gotten recently...
I am saving them for when I am back home in NJ... 

I have been blessed with many treats since St Peter and Paul day on Thursday! 
So nice! This week I hope to make scones for dessert for my niece's baptism this Sunday!
I am excited for that!!! 

One of my Mom's Miss Read books that I read already this trip! 
I am enjoying one right now called Miss Clare Remembers that
has a lot of history and lovely descriptions in it!

 My Mom made delicious GF brownies (my sister is GF) and she
used her super fun vintage scale!

I have had fun eating taco salad and today chicken salad too! 

Lunch at my parents house, with my sister, brother-in-law and Uncle L at the meal!

I went to liturgy at the church I was chrismated in 14 years ago
this August...  It was nice to be back...
there were various familiar faces but tons of people who have come
since I left in 2004... a lot can happen in 14 years... 
This song is one they sang, along with another one that 
had verses about praising God... I was very moved...
this (below) is one I listened to years ago... 
it's sung by the mother of one of my godsons
and I listened to it before I knew her, so it's 
doubly special to me. 
It's a beautiful song. 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

A verse to hold to

O our God, will You not judge them? For we have no power against this great multitude that is coming against us; nor do we know what to do, but our eyes are upon You.”  
2 Chronicles 20:12 NKJV 


I am in MI for another week, for a very happy reason:
My sister and brother-in-law officially adopted their daughter
and I am staying for the baptism of my new niece (a week off yet)!
My beloved Husband is back home in NJ as of today,
we had a lovely visit in MI together.

The unbloggable is ongoing but I find that God is giving me
some peace (at least today!) in the midst of it, while at home, 
though I have a lot of lessons to learn on patience.... 

It's wonderful to be at my parent's house!
And, as the Feast of St Peter and Paul was this Thursday,
it's so fun to eat ice cream and meat again, 
I must admit! 

I feel like I am going to be well-stocked to return to NJ in a week's time,
I have chosen some new books (all at good / thrift / sale prices),
have meals, dessert and dinners to plan/make
and I hope to get back to sewing my goddaughter's quilt.  

And for all of this, 
I thank God! 

Monday, July 09, 2018


Lots of visits with family right now.
Reading some great books.
Reading some for guidance and some for relaxation.
Our unbloggable is dragging on, 
I realized that 'suspension' is the best way I can describe how
I feel... lots of unknowns and no way of knowing when things will change.
But our days are going well and quiet right now,
so that our actual days have much to recommend them to anyone who is looking 
for quiet and family visits, 
both of which we are quite fond of.