Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Spring Garden by Homes and Edwards and fun vintage reading...

Well, my flight is delayed again and I hope to get out later today.
Meanwhile, I did some research on my Grandma's silver-plate set.
It's called Spring Garden by Homes and Edwards as I mentioned 
yesterday, and I found this on it, which was really neat. 
Basically they came up with a way to put silver inside of the 
spoon so that where it wears thin, silver still be there.
These were guaranteed for 25 years, which must of been 
impressive back in the late 1800s.
This advertisement, from this blog post, is my favourite of all of them,
esp as it is my favourite shape for a spoon:

1896 McClure's

Isn't that something?
"Delicate chaste designs...always a pleasure to the lover of the useful
combined with the beautiful"
I wish that these things (delicate, chaste, lover of useful if also beautiful) 
were still high on our societies list of what is important,
or day I say, fashionable.  
{the rest of this post is written later in the day}
Anyway, I sure had a fun hour or so reading this blog,
all about the old silver plated spoons (this one on orange spoons
I loved, interesting, funny and such a better vocabulary; 
I read some of it to my parents and later to Mr Husband at home
(I made it HOME!!! I am HOME!!) and he commented how in the 
late 1800s the vocabulary of people was higher than today.
No kidding! Just read this advertisement!
Just delightful!
My Mom remembers when Jewelry stores would sell fancy things,
like silver-plated silverware...
I know God has His reasons for me living in 2018 but my goodness, 
some things of the later 1800s I would have loved I think.
I could see myself loving the delicacy of an orange with an orange bowl
and orange spoon and knife.  
I would say that the advertisement reminds me of how
The Waltons show - the elderly rich sisters + Cora Beth Walton Godsey,
easily I could have seen them talking in the fashion of the advertisement.... 
Anyway, how delightful!
I am home now, so very very glad to be home.
My Husband and I are so glad to be back together, 
we missed each other a lot this past week.
The next few days are going to be busy for me,
seeing my now-moved-away quilting friend on Thursday and doing 
some other things this week.... 
so if I don't blog for a bit, don't worry, it's just summer and 
the need to do things away from technology! :)

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Elizabethd said...

So glad you are at last safely home.