Friday, July 20, 2018

Last Friday in MI before I go back to NJ

Isn't this little creamer darling? 
I bought it today at a thrift store that my Mom and I visited for $3.oo
I found it very sweet.  My newly found treasures will be coming later 
to NJ when my parents come DV in the fall of this year...
I can't wait to use it for tea... it will be perfect with my little 
white strawberry fields sugar bowl I have... 

A friend sent this to me a few months ago via social media
as it reminded her of myself, 
which was nice of her to say.
I am knitting a blanket right now.
The artist info is found here (and elsewhere) FYI for this painting.
I went to my sister's house today.
It was lovely and very peaceful.
Lunch. Watching R my newly adopted niece play. It was really nice.
And their neighbourhood was quiet. 
I pray that peace that is there lasts for decades and decades for them.
Tonight I went out with my parents and other family
to dinner.
It's still strange that my Aunt Karen is not there with them.
Tomorrow I get to stay home and DV will glaze the scones I made 
earlier (and froze) for a dessert for the baptism of my niece on Sunday.
I am really looking forward to this.
Monday I hope to take my Grandma out to lunch and spend some time with her.
I fly back later that day.


Tracy said...

So much fun to catch up with you Elizabeth and see about the fun while you've been visiting your family... and not last the fun books & finds while out & about. That little pitcher and basin is sooo sweet--love the delicate rose pattern!! The painting of the girl knitting is WONDERFUL! I like figurative painting styles. Enjoy these last days with your family...and the baptism! God Bless you as you travel home soon... :) With LOVE, In Christ--Tracy OXOX

Lilly's Mom said...

How nice to be with your dear family and enjoy time with them. The little pitcher is adorable. It's been fun seeing the new treasures you have found. Sending blessings to you and your family and I hope you have safe travels home. Pat xx