Wednesday, July 18, 2018

St Elizabeth's Day in NJ + Aunt H day in MI

Thrift store fun!!! 

My book finds! Books were 50% off!!! 

I got 3 Dutch tins in great condition!
The taller Droste tin is made in England for Droste in 1984!
And in great condition! I can't wait to add these to my collection
in my pantry! 

Today was a blessing.
My Husband made it to liturgy for St Elizabeth's day,
saw many people he knows and love, 
had various ones ask him where I was (in MI),
was given food for dinner tonight, 
made plans to see others for lunch or dinner in NJ or NYC,
and had a really good time and felt very cared for.
As a wife who is in MI while he is in NJ this made
me so grateful and happy. 
So he called from church while I was in the thrift store,
I told him about the books I found
(first edition Potok, PD James, Julia Child + vintage L'Engle in paperback, etc!).
the very cute Dutch tins and we discussed the silverplate in wooden box
for all of 12.00!  I have in NJ 2 wooden boxes, one of which the top part
(where the knives are) is coming apart from the wood.  
This may be fixable, I am not sure.  It also has a very scratched top. 
Anyway, this box was much better + some nice pieces that polished up 
brilliantly, even better than a lot of what I already have... plus 6
serving spoons that don't have part of the silver platting missing! 
And 4 grapefruit spoons! (I don't have any of these)... and a uniquely shaped 
server that I researched and found it is for pastry/pies! 
34 pieces total!
That's 35 cents/piece! And without the box in the price! 
They all polished up very nicely!
I am so very pleased!! 
DV my parents will come in October and bring this set with them... 
I don't at all mind having mix-and-match silver plate sets
and I dream of being able to offer more hospitality and having 
people over... we will see what God allows... 
I dream of having more hospitality... I hope one day God will allow this... 
I know I am granted various times with this, but I still would love to do more,
even if it was only soup and bread.... 
We shall see...
I am counting down the days until I am with my Beloved Husband again,
but I am thankful for all the visits with family meanwhile...
I told my Husband on the phone that I feel like a plant wilting without 
sunshine when I am not with him... and sang him the 
'you are my sunshine' song and he was all cute, saying
"I think that was a declaration of love" which of course it was!
So while we are in a challenging time today was a real boost to us both.
Dear St Elizabeth the New Martyr, pray to God for us! 


Helensmamma said...

Hello Elizabeth,

I too am still living in dry times, feeling no hope or end in sight, but I trust God is good and has a plan for me.

"You are my sunshine" is a song my beloved daughter sings to me still (she is 37 and started as a very young child) so it gave me pleasure to hear it had meaning in your current situation.

You will be reunited soon but enjoy your moments, hours and days with family.

Best wishes,

Ann Marie

Lisa said...

Look at that tin with the Vermeer on it! I've never seen one like that.