Tuesday, July 17, 2018

My Mom's Roast Beef + About Today

Today was a quiet day.
I finished Miss Clare Remembers.
It was hot here, there was no rain where my parents were
and in NJ where my Husband it, there's a heat advisory because of the 
humidity.... so that's hard.... friends of Mr Husband had him over for a later dinner
and I am so glad we have friends like this...
I am missing my beloved Husband a lot right now! 
But soon, DV, we will be back in NJ together...
Meanwhile, about dinner that was so good at my parents house tonight,
will leave you with this simple recipe from my Mom... 

roast beef as I had it today at my Mom's house 
My Mom told me after dinner how she made this delicious roast beef, 
here's the instructions:

English roast is the one she chooses

Use a glass 7x11 pan if that is the size needed

She uses foil, heavy duty Reynolds wrap, pull out huge piece, 
put in bottom of glass pan, put meat on it, then get a can of
Campbell's cream of mushroom soup, 
Mom buys the healthy request soup, and put that on top. 
Then one of the lipton onion mushroom packages 
which has more than one packet in it.  
Use 1 packet, half or whole packet is sprinkled it on after the soup is on top, 
then wrap it up in the heavy duty foil
curl up edges, wrapped real tight ... baked in oven 300F for 4 hours...
 = delicious gravy with roast 
The left overs often even better than first time you have it 


Mary said...

" crumbs of comfort"...I love that.

Lisa Richards said...

I loved the book passage and the roast beef sounds mouth-watering!
You guys stay safe in the heat! :)

Lisa said...

Four hours! My mouth is watering. :)