Wednesday, July 25, 2018

what a blessing to have a pot of tea

It was so wonderful to be home again
and have a tea from my own pantry... it was wonderful
to be with my parents and I would not trade one minute of it,
even the day extra I had because of two flight cancellations, 
but boy, it was wonderful to have tea at my own table this morning.
Cleo was also very glad to have me home again...
Tonight we went out for Indian and it was delicious!
I am DV seeing my quilting-friend tomorrow, who now lives in CA but is visiting NJ,
and that will be really lovely.
It's hard to believe that she really does not live her anymore and that
they will be moving DV again in the new year.
It's been wonderful to be back with Mr Husband; we are very verbal and I can't
tell you how many many times we have told each other that we are 
glad to be back in the same home again, together. 


Lilly's Mom said...

Welcome home Elizabeth! I meant to tell you how much I enjoyed reading about the history of your grandmother's silver plate she gave to you. What a precious gift to have. Blessings, Pat

Tracy said...

Welome home after you travels, Elizabeth! It is lovely to go away--and especially away with family--but the delights of home are treasures. Home to loving husband and kitty--it is the best. ;) Tea is a great companion too... And I just love the second photo with your tea brewing--the light through it all golden... Happy Days and Blessings as you settle in at home again! ((HUGS))

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Welcome home! There's no place like home :-)