Monday, July 23, 2018

Wonderful Family Visits + Flight Delay to NJ until tomorrow

I visited with my Grandma today, it was a very nice visit.
I still remember many of the homes my Grandma and Grandpa lived in;
they built many homes over the years, would live in them a bit
and then sell them, as a way to support themselves. 
My Grandma has lived 8 years now in a lovely apartment complex 
for retired persons and she has a lovely corner apartment with two extra windows,
that to this day I am convinced that her beloved Husband, my Grandpa, 
prayed for her from Heaven, my Grandpa being gone since 2006 but
I know in Christ he is not far. 
The last picture is really special to me, as it is a picture my Aunt M. made for
my Grandma (and another for me) of Grandma and I on our wedding days,
as I wore Grandma's wedding dress 62 years after she wore it on 
her wedding day...
I am really close to my Grandma, I try to talk to her at least once a week
and she catches me up on everyone's news, as well as her own.
So last week, when I was in her van with her and we were driving to Aunt M's house for lunch,
I asked her if her Mother (my Great Grandmother) had ever had silver-plate silverware
(it was on my mind since I had just found some the day before at the thrift store)
and was surprised to hear my Grandma say,
"I have some myself"... as I knew my Grandma to be practical, I did not realize she 
had some herself! She said it has been in her closet and would I want it, 
as she did not think anyone else would. 
OF COURSE I would I said!!! 
And she talked about how she would use her Fostoria Early American Crystal and 
her silver-plate silverware on Sundays and when family came over,
that us kids used her stainless steel silverware and the adults the silver-plate.
That way, she explained, she would have enough for everyone's place setting. 
I remember my Grandma's dining room table, it was large, heavy a shining table,
a deep dark cherry colour, with many leaves that could be put in;
when she sold her last house (it was so darling), 
she sold the table and chairs, as they were too big for her new smaller apartment
and she gave the lady the table cloths that were big enough to go with it,
with all the leaves on it; the lady was so happy as she wanted to use this table
and the table cloths when she had family over... 

I got this wooden chest from her hallway closet and 
looked up the pattern information at home... 
it is from Holmes & Edwards Spring Garden pattern.
I polished each piece tonight and then washed and dried it all... 
This pattern seems to be very possibly from 1949.
My Grandma and Grandpa were married in 1950, on April 14th... 68 years ago this year....
I told my Husband about this, and that I felt a sadness at how life goes on 
and one's Grandparents grow older and in time pass away,
and that I am glad to have my Grandma's silver-plate but sad that she does not have
the house to use it in any longer....
When my Grandma said it had been 8 years since the silver-plate had been used,
as she has lived in her small apartment 8 years already, 
I could hardly believe that much time had passed.
I remember so vividly my Grandma waiting for an apartment to open up 
where she lives now and then for the house to sell... 
I am very blessed to have her in my life...
Well, I found out that my flight was cancelled this afternoon,
I would have been home by now.
I fly out tomorrow late morning, God willing.
I do ask your prayers for a safe flight and that I can be reunited with my 
Husband then, who is missing me and waiting for me,
and I for him!
And Cleo, she's been complaining for days about me being gone... :) 
I thank God for everything though
know that in this thanksgiving is where I will have peace
from God in His mercy...


Elizabethd said...

How wonderful that you still have your grandma. I lost my beloved Gran when I was only 20 but have so many happy memories of her and her teachings.

elizabeth said...

Elizabethd - yes, it is a great blessing that I have her! I am so glad you have good memories of her and her teachings. Hard to lose her at only 20 years old!!! God bless you!!!