Thursday, May 09, 2024

bright Thursday

I still can't load pictures here from my phone. 

I am ok. 

I just had a very hard loss.  I found out that in Ottawa, where I lived before I was married, that a very kind man, my Ukrainian Mother’s Husband, died.  Once family always family. He was so warm gentle steady simple and unassuming.  I have been crying a lot is all I can really say about this loss.

At least I can cry.

Other than this, I am doing what I can to heal from the most difficult health crisis of my adult life.   I am doing a better but the new loss I have endured has me thrown for a loop.

I take long walks. I still have my therapist who I talk to. 

I know I am not here much. It just the way it is.  V who commented if you are the one I met 2 summers ago in MI at my beloved Monastery please feel free to email me. See the about me page. 

Other than that I have a lot to be thankful for.  I am just in a time of grief and of healing.