Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Another day, quiet and working towards a better tomorrow

From a Miss Read book.
I have found a lot of truth in these words;
we've been in a really hard unbloggable time for over 1.5 years, 
really 2 years already, and it has often been the little things,
the beauty of a dish, a cup of good tea, 
a glass of milk, a rose that smells like a rose, 
a green leafy tree, a baby's smile, a beautifully done fabric, 
or a card in the mail or a text, a phone call, or a visit over tea
and lunch... a nice bit of chocolate...esp shared with a friend...

I saw my oldest friend today, 
oldest not in years but in that we have known each other since
 I was 5 months and she was born :)
Because of busy family schedules, we have not really talked in years 
but like any true friendship, we just picked up where we left off,
told each other many things, including hard things that we have gone through
or are going through and that was a real blessing...
I wish I could see her more...

My Husband had this pie at a restaurant near our home.
I really wanted him too, 
we are going through a really hard time and it's super hard to be 
away from him right now, painful actually at times, but we both feel 
I need to be here right now for my niece's baptism...
and since I can't making him nice treats to eat, I was glad he went out
and had this for dessert... key lime pie! 
I am so glad that there have been so many blessings of family visits
and friends and for the Lord's mercy....


karen said...

praying for you Elizabeth that you have bloggable days and that the stress is a thing of the past!

Martha said...

Although you have struggles, I admire your focus on the positive. I hope your niece's baptism goes nicely. Your husband's pie looks scrumptious!