Friday, December 13, 2019

(110) A Quiet Feast Day

This morning I went to liturgy for St Herman...
my very first Saint that I really knew of was St Herman,
as I went to a church dedicated to him...
when I would look at his icon in this church,
he always looked so worried,
like a Father looks on to a child... 
I love that the Alaskan people (St Herman was a monk
from Russia who lived in Alaska) called him Apa which means
He's a wonderful and loving Saint...
I was really tired after liturgy...
I went home, had some delicious hot oatmeal with dried cherries
and honey and tea and then had a nap
and later more food!
I made an impromptu meal for dinner... it was easy...we used what we had...
which was... a packet of miso soup, pre-cooked noodles, a can of clams (drained)...
packet of soup with 2 cups hot boiling water, mixed well.
Can of clams opened and drained.  Hot soup over noodles, clams on top.
Mix together.  And you have a soup!
It was pretty good.  We had a salad and crackers with vegan 'cheese' too!
I cleaned my favourite (green) teapot really well today with 
baking soda and hot water.  My friend S who is Russian reminded me of 
doing this and it worked great.  
I love hot tea so much, esp in the cold NJ/NYC winter days of rain.
Feels cold in the house on those days.
So tea is esp welcome! 
I am slowly getting more wash done,
finally washed the white thin rugs in the bathroom...
they look better!
Little by little, right? :)
I pray that each of you are well.
There is so much struggle in this life.
May God have mercy on us and give us His peace
in the midst of the difficult and the hard... 


Gloriade said...

Hello Elizabeth, I hope you are getting warmed up! We too have been having cool and wet weather. I am grateful for the wood fireplace which brings great warmth and comfort on a cold and windy night. Your tree looks lovely. Blessings!

Granny Marigold said...

Definitely the way to little by little. I'm finding myself taking longer to do tasks that used to take no time at all so I also have to remember to take my own advice.

Lisa Richards said...

Staying warm and eating lots of soup and drinking tea sound like good ideas right now. God bless!

Lisa said...

Your impromptu meal sounds good!