Thursday, December 12, 2019

(109) Quiet and Cleaning + Vespers for St Herman of Alaska

Today was a quiet day.
Did I mention that our dryer needed repairs
and was repaired yesterday?
Sure is nice to be able to use it again!
Machine dried towels are just so much softer!
We went to vespers tonight for St Herman...
I night...most of the way there...
my Husband parks the driving is not 
up on my things to do list!
So dark... but I made it and being at church was such a blessing.


Becki said...

Your comment about your dryer needing repair, and looking forward to soft towels reminded me of a sweet moment this morning when I felt soft water flowing through our pipes again. Our water softener went out the day after Thanksgiving and it was repaired just this past Monday. And then it's taken until today for me to truly feel the soft water again because the water heater had to empty out completely before getting refilled with newly soft water. None of that is my point, it's just the prelude.

Every day that we had hard water I was reminded how privileged I am just to have running water. To have it soft again feels downright luxurious, even though a couple of weeks ago soft water was my normal. I was made exceedingly happy by how nice simple pleasures (like soft water) are, but at the same time how odd that when it ran soft before, I hardly ever thought about what a gift RUNNING water is.

There's a more important spiritual lesson in there for me, I'm sure - and I hope to eventually tap into it (pun intended). But for now I just wanted to share because I thought you might relate. Both to the small inconvenience, the simple pleasure, and the likelihood of a greater hidden truth. :)

elizabeth said...

Becki, yes! I agree with this! We are so very blessed!

Granny Marigold said...

I like the first picture, the one of your cozy living room.
Nice that you have the use of your dryer again. Nothing get towels as fluffy as the dryer does.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Granny Marigold!!! I love it too!!! My living room and Christmas tree give me a lot of joy!