Monday, February 11, 2019

Monday adventures...

It may snow here tomorrow, with freezing rain possible. 
I ended up having a pretty terrible night's sleep for various reasons
and this morning was spent recovering from that.
I realized that I better get on to the mall today,
returning socks of all things + I got a new refurbished phone,
a galaxy note 8 for half the cost of a new and less than half the cost
of the newest model. I am happy about this. 
It was a bit of a feat to get to the mall,
one I dislike them in general, two the 'music' is incessant, draining, three,
well, it's so lacking in beauty, calmness and such.
My Husband ended up staying late in NYC due to unexpected happenings
and I ate a burger at the mall, while trying to figure out my phone
and trying to drown out the non-music by listening to real music,
namely Alexis Ffrench's Bluebird and Hope

And that was today and tomorrow,
we shall see.
I have hopes that it will include tea, brownies and that everyone
will be safe in the potential storm we are getting.
May God help us all and help us love Christ above all things!


GretchenJoanna said...

I think that's a major accomplishment, if you are sleep-deprived to begin with, to make a mall excursion and have to shop. It really is a stressful environment. I'm glad you got home and are probably now catching up on your sleep!

Tracy said...

How sweet to see Miss Cleo... and it's amazing how cats will sit, even perched on top of a chair like that! So sorry you've not been sleeping well... very much hope that will improve. Great deal with your "new" phone! :) The is a dreaded thing to have to go to one, isn't it?! haha... It's bad enough the lack of beauty, strange uses of space, etc. but the music is the worst isn't it? Horrible stuff. I was in a clothing store recently, and the music was pretty indecent, it has kind of shocking, and I couldn't wait to get out! :/ Why must there be music anyway? Much better without, more peaceful... or peaceful as it's possible to be in a busy mall. Anyway, wishing you a BLESSED week, my friend! :)) ((HUGS))

Lisa Richards said...

I'm a country girl. Yeah, no cities or malls for me if at all possible, lol. After 13 years of being force-fed someone else's taste in music, eight hours a day at work, I'm all for lots of peace and quiet with the occasional musical interlude of my choice. The world seems to be afraid of silence. I hope you get a chance to rest! :)

Elizabethd said...

I quite agree about the so called 'music' in public places, it often drives me out. I like peace and quiet!

Lisa said...

We ended up having less snow than was predicted, but I got out of work early afternoon, which was so nice! I like my job, but snow days are special. I'm glad you found a way to survive the mall. :) xo