Tuesday, February 05, 2019

A Day of Blessings

A housekeeping note:
I got word via Blogger via Google about the Google+ pages
and comments made by those who are using
their Google+ ID to comment on blogs, including this, my, blog:

"Google+ Comments: Support for Google+ comments will be turned down, and all blogs using Google+ comments will be reverted back to using Blogger comments. 
Unfortunately, comments posted as Google+ comments cannot be migrated to Blogger and will no longer appear on your blog. "  See more here

So if you comment on my blog with your name and Google+ ID,
as I know some of you do, I am going to lose your comments on my blog.
This is very sad but I don't see anyway around it. :(
If you are commenting using Google+ all I can say is change now how you are 
commenting (use a blogger ID even if you don't blog, for example) so your
comments will not be lost (that you have yet to make and hope you make) and so
you can keep commenting on my blog! 


On to today! 

I got some books in the mail the other day!
I am slowly collecting lesser known works (or partial works) of Kathleen Norris...
I am fairly selective in what recent YA books I read, but 
John Green got my attention...
I know that this book above (his newest I believe)
is not going to be an easy read as it is a very vivid portrayal of mental illness.

I finally got this Psalter and book by Sylvia after hearing SO MUCH good about it!
It's actually in it's second printing already because it is so popular!
I love it already. Perfect for Lent!!! 

My Husband posted the above on social media and of course he was thinking of me.
This is one of the biggest accomplishments of my life,
to be his wife, we are a real team and we are more than we were single,
we are now one life together, not diminished but instead supported.
As my friend V. would say, 'I know when I've been blessed'! 

Wonderful breakfast tea and honey...

Some of my +Aunt Karen's costume jewelry for dear friend's daughters. 

A local friend came over and this delicious chocolate Santa is no longer standing! 

Latest Orthodox books that I got yesterday,
that I was getting from the UPS man when Cleo 
purloined my meat! LOL. 
They are lovely books and I am looking forward to being better acquainted with them soon.
The book Icon I have already read and it is EXCEPTIONAL. 
I pray that God has mercy on each of us as we continue to struggle
in the space we find ourselves!
Soon the Sundays that signal the coming of Great Lent are coming
and I pray that God will bring us to Christ's Resurrection and that we 
also will be resurrected to be with Christ out of the struggle and ashes of our lives...


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, that is so strange about the google+ comments. I'm not even sure what mine are. So sad that they will vanish though. That Santa was tired of standing anyway!!!

lizaellen said...

Not sure how I'll get around the problem with Googleplus comments - I'll have to get my dear granddaughter to help me out! If my comments don't appear please know that I'm reading and enjoying your lovely blog!

Lisa Richards said...

It seems like I had to jump through hoops and get a Google account and a gmail address so I could leave comments a few years back. And now they're changing back? Wow. I'm pretty illiterate with tech things, so hopefully my comments will still work. Looks like you have a great stack of books to read! Enjoy! :)

elizabeth said...

Gina, yes! Your comments are via your blog and are fine!
Liza - I think yours switched to a google profile already so they are fine, but the others may be gone.
Lisa ~ your's are fine too. It's just a small part of Google (Google+) that is going away! Yes! I am so excited about the books!!!