Saturday, April 16, 2016

Lent Day 34 ~ Adventures with Cleo, meals and Church

{Cleo coming home from the Vet}

First, wanted to say a big THANK YOU to the many 
I often feel alone in ways I did not expect in my life here in NJ
and really appreciated your words.
It's not that I don't love my new life, 
but it's more work to build a life here and I am ever grateful for
the friends I find here, in the blog-world. 
So, about today.
Took Cleo to Vet.
Whew. In and Out this time.
She did not fight the blood being drawn, they
had a blanket for her to lay comfortably on, the woman 
who met Cleo to take her blood immediately complimented Cleo
on her beautiful looks and it just went really well.
It's always a good idea to tell Cleo that you find her to be beautiful.
She was, however, scared.  
They commented about how fast her heart was beating as the 
blood was being taken, poor thing.
She got a big treat when home, as in some wet Cat food, which for her
equals pure delight.  She's so funny. I had to pout new food in her glass
food container that we usually use to put food in her dish.
Every and any time I transfer food from food bag to big glass
food container, she waits excitedly for some to fall on the floor,
which she immediately starts eating. 
Once she was done with that, 
she went right back to her consuming of her
special treat of wet cat food!
We had a nice lunch which included a
green salad and a fruit salad.
I am feeling a bit better about food and hope to make
some more things here at home.
I am still woefully behind from the flu.
My laundry pile towers between
clean laundry that needs to be folded and dirty laundry that
needs to be cleaned.
I am still fighting clutter...and I make a lot of it!
I found this beautiful article by 
Mother Alexandra, who I think wrote it perhaps before
she was a monastic
it's really worth reading, very lively, accessible...
I also ordered some older books by Mother Alexandra,
when she was still Princess Ileana.
I will try to show them to you when they come!
I am excited for them!
Tonight was vespers and another quick trip to the grocery store
for onions, as sadly mine went bad, I was able to use the core of them, but had to waste 
a bunch of the outside sections.
I think because everything
got mixed up/unnoticed when we had the flu.
Catch up can take a long time.
And that's Lent Day 34! 


Tia said...

Thank you for sharing the reading from Mother Alexandra. It really illustrates an alternative, yet simple, way to approach the Jesus prayer. I suppose it's like the Nike slogan -- just do it! :)

Juliana said...

Glad things with Cleo went better the second time at the vet! I just had to throw a whole bag of onions out yesterday--after only a week or two! I was kind of put out about it, but they were all off and had sprouted rather long green centers. I know you can use them when they are like this, but the outer parts all looked dodgy too, so it was off to the trash for them! How is it that people stored onions and potatoes and other vegetables through a whole winter when I can't get them to keep for more than week or so without sprouting or going bad? One of life's mysteries, I suppose.

karen said...

praying for cleo and I hope you get good treatable news :) Poor dear, she needs lots and lots of treats!!