Monday, April 25, 2016

Holy Monday

I woke twice, tired, aware of my Husband walking by and stopping
to bless me (with the sign of the Cross), twice.
He knew I would need it, as when I did awake and got up,
he told me that Cleo had a #1 incontinence issue in the bathroom,
outside box.
Called Vet. Could be a sign of her liver worsening.
Or something unrelated. Hard to know.
So morning sent scrubbing, cleaning, changing liter,
giving Cleo her two morning meds - basically a total fail there.
I wonder somehow if it is because Mr Husband is there at night,
that it goes better.
So trying to not shut down about Cleo's illness and clean.
My Husband's blessing is really comforting me during this day while he is at work.
I am listening to the Bridegroom Matins from 2014 at Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Ellwood City.
 It's a treat to hear +Fr. Thomas Hopko serve and read the Gospel. 
A mystery always, how one day a person is alive walking on the earth and then sickens and 
falls asleep in the Lord. But yet with technology, the voice, the body, it can all be seen as it was
once, captured on film... 
It's very good listening as I clean the house. Cleo is listening near by!

So much of this day seems to be about Cleo.
I was thrilled to see her washing herself today.  All healthy things.
A dear friend sent me this short homily.
If you need encouragement, just read this.
Here's a beautiful rendition of the main song of the Bridegroom Matins,
how it is so needed in our lives.


Martha said...

Oh, poor dear Cleo and you and Mr. Husband...{hugs} I hope ♥ all will be well. It's always hard when a pet or person you love dearly is sick and we all worry they might not live as long as we want them to...
I really enjoy the services from Ellwood City, PA, too. Hope the rest of your Holy Week is peaceful.

Becki said...

Poor Cleo. I hope your kitty is feeling better and that today had a better start for all of you.