Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Holy Tuesday

After going to the med clinic,
blogging that I have Strep Throat, 
Mr. Husband and I had lunch, I napped.
Popsicles, Chocolate Vegan Sorbet,
resting.  It rained pretty hard for a while.
Came on quickly, I heard people crying out because of getting wet
outside, as they ran for cover... 
Listened to first part of today's
Bridegroom Matins:

Cleo liked listening to it! :)

A FB / Ottawa friend sent me this beautiful rendition of
the Hymn of Cassia

It was a bit of a struggle getting Cleo to swallow her pill tonight,
the rest went pretty well.
I have asked many for prayer and am grateful for them.
I am hoping I sleep well tonight... my throat is still swollen but I 
am assured that I will start feeling better quite soon...
I hope so.
 Well, that is it for Holy Tuesday.


Tracy said...

So very sorry to hear that you are unwell, again so soon after just starting to recover a bit from flu... Be resting well, and feeling better soon! ((HUGS))

T.J. said...

Sending you strength and prayers for all the obstacles you are going through right now! May you and husband and Cleo be healthful and spunky again soon :)
Ugh- strep throat- I had it over the winter and it was as unpleasant as I remembered it from childhood.

Be well!!

T.J. said...

oh and PS- I think things are all back to normal over on my blog, so in the faaaaar distant future when you are feeling well and looking for something to read, you should try again- this time I think it will work ;)

get well soon!!!

Lisa said...

I hope you'll get rest and be better soon. And I'm praying for dear Cleo. :)