Saturday, April 23, 2016

Lazarus Saturday ~ a joyous day!

What a beautiful day today!
We had a baptism of a dear man in our far-away Parish,
Liturgy after, and a celebratory meal.
I must say I almost teared up while the soon-to-be-baptised man was reciting
the Creed.... to see someone proclaim their faith in Christ is so deeply moving.


During or after the service, we can't remember,
I told Mr Subdeacon Husband, who was in a beautiful green vestment,
that he looked "too cute" and asked if he is "taken" 
(one of my daily jokes with him) and he said,
jokingly, "I'm too old for you" !!!
It was SO FUNNY. 
One of our friends, when I told them that Mr Husband said this,
said, Well, should'a thought of that before you married her! :) LOL 


Tonight we went to Vespers...
Date for mussles for dinner after.
Home after, so excited for Holy Week and
Palm Sunday tomorrow!


I've already got my Pascha baskets out,
to make sure I have everything we will need for this week!


Leaving you all with one of the most beautiful hymns,
full of the drama of what is to come, the beauty of it
and the great and deep HOPE.


Pom Pom said...

Beautiful hymn. Thank you.

E Helena E said...

You are such a "cute couple"! Much love to you and hope you are both feeling stronger now.
I continue to keep you and Cleo in my prayers.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Many Years to the newly baptised and illumined Justin (?)!
Such wonderful photos!

October Rose said...

That story is too adorable. :) And I always tear up at baptisms too! Baby or adult. :D

Nancy said...

Many years to Justin! Lazarus Saturday is the anniversary of my christmation. Hope you had a joyous Palm Sunday.

Emily H. said...

Those are such wonderful photos! Many years to Justin!

Becki said...

That little picture you shared of you and your husband joking is so cute! And fun. Once again, beautiful pictures, Elizabeth. :^)