Thursday, April 21, 2016

Lent Day 39 ~ NYC! Cleo's general naughtiness, and other thoughts

I made it into NYC!
Kept it simple... had an early brunch at my main diner there,
went to Marshalls and TJ Maxx for a blouse for Pascha.
Did not find anything.  Horrible. Everything I tried on was so
unflattering. It happens.  I've had great success before, same stores.
I have things from last year so have to raid my closet and make it work,
for the 'I want to wear white or cream for Pascha' outfit.
I bought a whole pineapple and Meyer lemons!
Fun! For fruit salad! 
One of the things that Mr Husband and I have been enjoying
is a simple fruit salad with our dinner.
I am hoping to bake, maybe these vegan scones...
So, Cleo so far has refused to eat her crushed up pill in wet cat food.
She spit out the other pill.
Yesterday both liquid meds went down fine,
this morning she managed to get tons of bubbly saliva and 
looked nearly like she was frothing at the mouth, 
except that it was more like a big drooping walrus mustache!
So still figuring that out, but hoping.
I have struggled with the idea of her being sick, or worse.
Would be really hard for me.
But right now she is not in pain, she is at least keeping on the 1lb+ that she regained
and seems her normal happy self. 
Of course my normal cat sitter would have an emergency and now I will
be meeting a new one - Cleo hates change, so this is not the best,
but that's life and it's sunny today and I am practicing gratefulness. 
My new goal is to explore more, slowly, of my surroundings.
I am realizing (and many of you have confirmed, thank you!) that this will help.
Yes, I have times that I really miss my old friends and past life.
Yes, it's not easy. BUT there are ways to make it better and I am going to try to
incorporate more of these in my life, not give up
and continue to search out for good things and people to love here.
My new dream is to see more parks this summer... 
I am excited for Holy Week next week, DV!
That's always one of my best weeks, as you get to be
with you church family or families for a lot more time than is normal!
I am really excited that it is going to be summer soon.
I am looking forward to my summer clothes, lighter and brighter. 
I really liked this post on Instagram Envy... 
It's tricky to have life and life as one writes or has it on IG.
Esp. when I was recovering from the flu,
I started to feel discouraged, that all these others get
to be in beautiful places or do or bake things I can't right now.
But there ARE things I can do right now and 
I am going to try to do them....
I made a new Lenten meal!!!
A chick pea dish, I think it may be Greek? or maybe it is Indian?
This was wonderful.  I have been missing cooking!
I posted the recipe just now, here.
And it will be enough for tomorrow too!
Maybe I can get to the vegan scones tomorrow...
Mr. Husband is on his way home!
I am going to close for now.
Tomorrow is the last day of Lent!!
That's all for Lent Day 39! 


Paula said...

Do you ever roast the chickpeas? Like a crunchy snack? I've seen some recipes and they look kind of yummy. I need to get more protein into Ella, and as much as she'd like to have steak all the time that would get a little pricey.

Pom Pom said...

Your recipe looks delicious!
Cleo sounds better!
I haven't been to Trader Joe's for a while. I should go!
Take care, Elizabeth.

elizabeth said...

Paula, I have not roasted chickpeas but that does sound good!!!

Thanks Pom Pom! :)))) will do!

Tracy said...

NYC... oh, it's been sooo long since I was there! VERY fun to see your shopping treats. ;) That sampler of teas looks very nice. Your kitchen is so sweet! (I like all the red touches... I have a lot of red in my kitchen--the only color that would really work with cabinets/counters, etc... LOL!) You chickpea dish looks/sounds very Indian-inspired... I want to try this soon. Thank you for sharing. I'm always looking for new, interesting meat-free dishes. So sorry giving Cleo her meds has been proving difficult With cats it can be very tricky. Have you tried crushing the pills, with some water, and then using a type of syringe, giving it to Cleo in her mouth? We have done that with Charlie. It feels awful, forcing it on/in them, but it can work--depending on the mdiciation, and if it's OK to crush up and add water. Do hope you find a solution soon. Plus, she may just need to get used to have it--and it can take a day or two. ;) Your positive stance about making a good life for yourself there--such enthusiasm is infectious! With spring/summer now, being out & about will be easier and nicer too! Wishing you all the best... And happy weekend now!

elizabeth said...

Hi Tracy,

Thanks!!! I would love to see your kitchen someday! do share a picture! Yes, I am feeling a lot of hope as summer approaches! :)))

Willow said...

I think the chickpea recipe is definitely Asian, most likely Indian, but it could also be Indonesian.