Thursday, March 31, 2016

Lent Day 18 ~ quiet, rest and reading

I was really surprisingly tired today.
So I rested and read.
what an important read. 
The Christian heroism and ways we can live that
are redeeming to us and the world, much to think about. 
We went to the diner again tonight and shared our french fries :)
Found some really neat things, some of which
found via a friend ....
the podcast that alerted me to it also said the book in Greek
that is is from is being translated into English,
I am so glad! 
This is always good to listen to, a road map for us.
Pancakes I would love to make someday.
I am thinking that I need to re-read Elizabeth Gougde's 
The Dean's Watch in part to read about
the woman in it who learns to love.
And that was Lent day 18! 

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