Sunday, March 20, 2016

Lent Day 7 ~ Influenza B and Bronchitis

Last night Mr Husband realized that his
illness had become bacterial 
and when I woke in the morning,
he told me that he would be going to the doctor that day.
I went off to liturgy,
after getting things he needed and documenting his symptoms with him,
and taking his temperature, which was still in fever but 1 degree F less.
I was really glad for my local church for liturgy.
I went back quickly to Mr Husband at the end of liturgy,
got food for us to eat and then we went off to a local
urgent care clinic, where we were for the next 2+ hours.
And so now we know that Mr Husband has
Influenza B and Bronchitis. 
He is now on various meds.
I am quite tired but thank God not sick -- yet, at any rate.
I am learning what it must be like to be a 
Mother of a young child - 
so many things you must do for them when they are 
unable to do it for themselves.
It's hard to find time to eat, not to mention rest!
I was able to go to a health food store in our old town,
which is quite close by, 
and stocked up on more things for illness,
the juice that my sister-in-law swears by,
soup (fast friendly too! dairy with a chest infection like
Mr Husband has would be a bad idea) that is ready to make
and organic, and more teas for respiratory support.
We were both relieved that Mr Husband does not have 
pneumonia and he is on antibiotics, tamiflu, and two types of 
and his fever is decreasing and his appetite increasing.... 
I am praying that I do not fall ill...
I have a pile of laundry the size of a small mountain and
all my clean washcloths are somewhere in the bottom part of this
looming pile.... 
If God so grants, tomorrow I will do laundry and 
if I can, make a simple vegetable soup....
Well, that's it for Lent day 7....
Pray for us!


Canka Meglenova said...
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Nancy said...

I pray Mr Husband is feeling better soon!

October Rose said...

I am sorry to hear that your husband is sick! I will pray for his health--and also yours!!