Thursday, March 24, 2016

Lent Day 11 for 2016

A long day...
Begun at 6 AM with Cleo delicately 
seeking to expunge her inwards on the rug,
and I not so delicately swinging her once again off the rug
to the wood floor,
easier to clean,
and WHAM. I hit Cleo's legs on the card table leg.
I felt SO BAD. 
And then she proceed to continuing a small expunging.
Tonight she had a moment of walking really strangely,
but I hope that was just a fluke,
and that I did not in anyway injure her.
She had showed no signs of injury
afterwards, etc. 
I will be vigilant, no worries. 
Well, other than that not so propitious beginning, 
this day had some lovely things within it...
Dear local friends brought us rations of more instant soup,
mandarin oranges and the cutest little orchid! (first picture by the icon of Archangel Micheal).
By the time we were done with a late breakfast and prayers, it was late and lunch was had,
then naps and off to the doctors and pharmacy, the later part taking 2 hours I think.
We left at 2:30 and returned at 5:30.
I think we both felt the worse for it; 
tired and congested.
Mr. Husband has a new thing for sleep
and I a nasal spray.
Thrilling I tell you.
No sarcasm of course...! ;)
I took a picture of myself waiting for the doctor
while reading and listening to classic FM on my phone,
that was a lovely moment in time,
and I had a thermos of wonderful tea to drink.
Vaughan Williams The Lark Ascending was playing. 

I wore pink and a favourite pink scarf and 
suede brown jacket...
Tonight after dinner I managed to sanitize the 
'Island' counter top, the stove and our dining room table,
which was in sore need of it.
I hope to do more cleaning tomorrow,
I had forgotten how horrid it is living with a feeling of
and reality of filth that is unending because of sickness.
I will rest too, though and only do what I can.
I was having a bit of a hard time feeling cooped up,
this really being day 7 of Mr Husband feeling ill
and day 4 of my illness....clearly I am a wimp at these sort of things...
however, meditating on the first 2 chapters of Elizabeth Goudge's
Island Magic helped me regain my inward footing. 
It's such a lovely read.
And that was Lent, day 11.


Come Away With Me said...

And thank goodness your own doctors are, I am sure, nothing like Grandpapa of the Island Magic novel! ;-)

Nancy McCarroll said...

All 3 of you under the weather. Sorry for your darn flu bug, so get better quick.,

Nancy said...

Oh dear, sorry to hear the whole household is sick! Hope listening to some Vaughan Williams helped. My favourite piece is Variations on a theme by Tallis, but Variations on Greensleeves comes a close second. Prayers for a speedy recovery for all of you!