Friday, November 10, 2017

Friday thanksgivings

Thank you list! 

1. Husband and I had a good calm day today, Thank YOU LORD! 

2. The Walton's TV show that we watch on DVD as a 'at home date' 

3. Hot tea! Cold today and tea is so helpful! 

4. I am excited about Thanksgiving! 

5. A dear friend DV is being chrismated (service to join the Orthodox church) tomorrow and while I can't be there, I am rejoicing with her and praying for her.

 6. God's everlasting mercy 

7. That we had leftovers to eat for meals today :)


Helensmum said...

What a lovely word "Chrismated!" Fantastic memories of being received into the Catholic Church in 2010.

Hot tea is lovely here also.

God bless

Ann Marie

Lisa Richards said...

Much to be thankful for! :)