Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Wednesday: Feast Day Fish Day, Freezer Day and Cleo

I recorded parts of today on Social media and will copy 
these here....

1. Well. Since we were not able to do the trek out to liturgy today, I went and decided to have hot oatmeal. We don't have our heat on yet and it was 67F so a few degrees chillier than it has been. Nice actually. Anyway, yeah SO here's one of those 'don't do this as I did it' stories. Oatmeal, water in microwave 2.30 minutes. I covered the tall bowl with the splatter plastic thing and was talking to my Husband as I went to grab it. I had noticed that some spilled out (so much for the splatter guard) but had not realized that the 'oatmeal microwave mushroom' was still inflated/sticking to the plastic splatter guard. Next thing I know, I have lava-steaming oatmeal sliding down my right hand HOT and I scream, said something I should not have and dropped the plastic splatter guard, managing to spill oatmeal on both the stove top and floor. YOUCH!!! Cold water treatments ensued, and later clean up and eating what was still in the bowl (with raisins and maple syrup, the syrup glass jar being used to put the top of my hand on for further cooling). My hand is fine now and only a little sensitive. I have made oatmeal various times in the microwave, next time I will pay more attention!!! Hopefully the rest of today is without incident... (defrosting the freezer today!)

2. Today my Husband did a valiant job defrosting the garage freezer! (I did the food taking out and putting back, he dealt with the actual freezer). We now have a list of what foods are there and where + a more organized frost free freezer! Preparing meals will be easier also with a good sense of what foods we have on hand.  (Also, it's on cinder blocks as a flooding precaution, which is needed where we live!)

3.  Look where I found Cleo! Guess we will have to keep the laundry door closed from now on... she has been hanging out in the laundry room all week it seems (it's a glorified closet with shelves basically, I am thankful for it!)... Cleo likes to change where she hides so I am sure she will find a new spot soon! (She also loves empty boxes, under chairs at the dining room table, etc)... Husband says he would call Cleo dumb as a rock but he has seen some quartz that is brighter  )

So there's some bits of today. 
My hand is fine btw, it was not a serious burn just a 
temporarily hurtful one.  I am so glad it was not worse! 
Husband took me out to our favourite diner, his fish salad is shown above :)
It was a bit of a rough morning,
the day got better as it went along. 
It's like it got off on the wrong foot and took a while to 
Well, I am praying for dear ones who are really sick or have sick kids,
for those in really trying circumstances.
My day was a normal mixed up day, not a crushing hard day.
I am so grateful for that! 


shoreacres said...

I laughed at Cleo. My kitty, Dixie Rose, used to crawl into the dryer, too. She's gotten over that now, and prefers the bedroom closet. They're so funny!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Dear Cleo!

Paula said...

Want to send Mr. Husband up here, he can do my freezer too? The ice is so thick I've actually lost things. We keep doors shut and the dryer too because you never know where Tim will decide to snooze. Cleo is so cute.

Lisa said...

Hmm, I think your husband is not a cat lover. But I'm glad your hand isn't too bad! And I'm glad you never turned on the dryer with you-know-who in it!

Tracy said...

VERY glad your hand is OK...whew... That scary. :/ That is one shiny clean freezer! So glad it all went well, and how sweet of your husband to take on that job of defrosting! We recently defrosted our--long overdue--and now in good shape for holiday making & baking soon! Oh, that is sooo CUTE--Cleo in the laundry room! It is amazing where cats will go and find comfortable to sit/lay in...haha... Maybe there was residual warm from the dryer drum? ;) A day of normal mixed up is pretty good, isn't it? BLESSINGS to you all there...((HUGS))