Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Home with my Sweet Husband

My weekend at the Monastery was a blessed time!
Monday I had lunch with my Grandma,
saw my Aunt K who is ill in the afternoon with my parents,
gave her the beautiful stone from HDMonastery
with the verse
My grace is sufficient.
She really liked it. 
My flight home was uneventful thank God.
Today I cleaned, organized, tidied, did laundry and walked
downtown, to the water front, which is where you can see NYC.
I bought some food at the upscale grocer nearby 
as tomorrow we are in for some snow it seems.
I am glad to be back home
and in an orderly space.
Cleo is glad I am back too!
Read dear Gloriade's blog and found out that she has been
laid up form an accident; pray for her healing please!
There is so much need for prayer.
May the Lord protect and help us all!
ps: I am going to be quite busy in the next 2 weeks, so if I don't blog much,
that's why.  Don't fret if you don't hear from me consistently right now!
Just busy! :)


Lilly's Mom said...

I'm happy you arrived back home safe. It's always a blessing to visit family. I'm sure you're thankful you were able to see your dear aunt. Have a good week and don't overdue it with too much work. Thinking of you dear friend, Pat

Tracy said...

Welcome home Elizabeth! Glad that you had time with you family, your Aunt K, and that you did get to have time at the Monastery, and that your trip back was safe and sound. Lots of blessings from your trip! ;) I can image that your Dear Husband and Cleo are both VERY, very happy to have you home again! An Old Fashioned Girl is a sweet book... I love all of Louisa May Alcott. No doubt you have lots and lots to catch up after your trip. And about halfway through Lent now, the last weeks always fly with so much to do. Be taking good care there... GOD BLESS you & yours... With Love, In Christ--Tracy ((HUGS))

Mat. Anna said...

Glad you’re home safely! That book is one of my favorites. 😊

Paula said...

It's always so good to come home to our husbands. I always miss Colin so much when we go to the city to visit my sister.

Lisa Richards said...

Welcome home! Glad you had some good visiting and some spiritual refreshing at the monastery. Have a blessed Easter season!