Friday, March 02, 2018

A Friday with Sunshine in Michigan

A full day. 
Did a bunch of pictures to begin documenting 
the story of my family through beauty in their home. 
Listened to / saw parts of Billy Graham's funeral. 
Dinner out with family. 
Preparing DV to go to the Monastery tomorrow for a brief stay.
I loved the sunshine that we were blessed with here. 


Tracy said...

How LOVLEY the light while you've been in MI! I love the idea of capturing the beauty and life of a home in photos. Enjoy your time at the monastery and with family! :) ((HUGS))

Martha said...

What a beautiful kitchen! We have fewer windows than I'd like, but we make the best of what we have...and enjoy the good.

Lisa Richards said...

It is wonderful to have a big bank of windows above the sink like that! Have a relaxing time at the monastery! :)

Becki said...

Scrolled down through your blog to see the wonderful pictures of your mother's home and your aunt's home. I can feel the peace in them. I hope you thoroughly enjoy what's left of your Michigan visit, Elizabeth.

Gloriade said...

Hello Elizabeth,
I read your sweet note of concern on my blog today. Unfortunately I deleted it instead of publishing it. I’m still having trouble concentrating at times, lingering effects of pain pills I guess. Thank you for your prayers and good wishes. I hope you had a lovely time in Michigan.