Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Wednesday at my Aunt's for lunch

Just popping in to say I had a good day.
Going to my Aunt* H's house for lunch with my 
Mom and my 2 cousins is always such a blessing;
her home is always the same, beautiful, orderly,
it was so nice to spend time with her 
and my cousins today.
We went to the thrift store afterwards, other than 
my Aunt who wanted to go to B. Bookhouse and then surprised
us by showing up at the end of our thrift store shopping with 
2 bags of Dutch raisin buns and 1 bag of peppers 
(for my non-grain eating cousin).
I had a nice dinner with my parents, a nice
talk on the phone with my quilting-friend and then 
a good time talking with Mr Husband.
And now it is time for bed.
Another day, I will try to show you some things 
from my Aunt's home and the thrift store
but for now, God's blessings to you all!

*(this is not the Aunt who is gravely ill right now who I saw yesterday)

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Lisa Richards said...

You come from a family with a knack for creating beauty in the home! The thrift store trip sounds like fun! I look forward to seeing what you found! :) Blessings!