Saturday, February 17, 2018

Saturday of Butter Week 2018

We had a peaceful Saturday.
Husband spoiled me with a lunch out!
We both had fish and I had lentil soup, 
with warm pita and other bread...
It was really a nice treat!
We went to vespers tonight and I am slowly getting things
put away, I think I only have 1 more Christmas thing to put away,
other than all the cards.
I am trying to think about, in terms of my Aunt K and going home to see her,
about not just the future grief but also the joy we have as Christians, 
and the reality of Pascha and that we grieve but with hope.
We had more of the cranberry sour cream coffee cake and I think as it 
has aged a bit, it actually tastes even better.
I am really pleased with it. 
It was so nice to have tea and cake today, 
hot tea is such a blessing.
My Husband and I enjoyed tea over breakfast and 
later over a tea and cake break in the later afternoon.
Well, I am trying to figure out my Lenten reading.
And that I am going to travel light to my parents home in a week.
I have so many choices and while that is a blessing,
it also can be more to pick from and more to figure out...
May God help us as we go towards Great Lent!

Forgive me a sinner for anything I may have done
or said here that was hurtful or harmful in an any way!

May God save us and give us a good Lent! 


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

God forgives. Please forgive me, a sinner.

karen said...

have safe travels for when you do go!!

Pom Pom said...

I do love salmon and salad!
I hope you have fun packing for your trip to see your parents. I know you'll have fun visiting!

Tracy said...

Such lovely food enjoyed before Lent begins! And sooo VERY glad you will be able to travel and see your Aunt K!! God be with you this week, and keep you safe on your travels, Elizabeth! Prayers for your Aunt, your family and you!! ((HUGS))

Helensmamma said...

I will pray for your safe journey and your Aunt. My Aunt is terminally ill,sad times but happy memories.

Take care,

Ann Marie