Friday, February 23, 2018

More on yesterday and today: first Friday of Great Lent

Above is sections of the last part of the Canon of St Andrew of Crete that I 
really loved.

This treasure came yesterday! 
It is published by Holy Dormition Monastery and is all the Old Testament 
readings (liturgically speaking) for the year!
It's lovely, well bound, good paper and 2 colour (red, black) printing.
I already used it last night, the print is nice and big, clear and the translation
is beautiful! 

I am all packed for my trip tomorrow... 
by mid-afternoon I hope to be in Michigan! 
Will be there DV for the week.

Praying for many things...

Saw this on social media and thought it was really dear.

This is from yesterday, not the best video,
as I missed the beginning of this song/prayer 
but it's lovely and one of my favourite prayers that is only prayed
a few times in services, being part of Great Compline.
Well... I have to get ready for dinner now,
my Husband is going to meet me at the diner for dinner
God willing!
May God bless, help and protect us all!


Tracy said...

God bless you, Elizabeth as you travel to your family... wishing you good time with your family, and especially with your dear Aunt K! LOVELY book... and such a nice video! Thinking of you... With LOVE, in Christ--Tracy OXOX

shoreacres said...

The cartoon is delightful. Graham was such a good man, and a model for us all. The video is lovely, too. Compline is one of my favorite services.

Safe travels to you!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Prayers for safe and easy travels.

Lisa Richards said...

Aw. Sweet Billy Graham. Have a great trip! Your home looks cozy and cheerful as always! :)

Lisa said...

That is a very dear little cartoon - God rest his soul, he put Jesus first all his life as well as he could.

I suddenly remembered your leg accident and how long you were laid up, and now it's over, isn't it? You are rushing off to meet your husband at the diner, with nothing to hold you back. :)