Wednesday, February 21, 2018

First Wednesday of Great Lent: +Billy Graham, St Paisios, St Andrew's Canon

I liked the above page for 2 reasons, first it shows (yellow tab) how 
being a Christian and becoming an Orthodox Christian takes a lot of time.
I find that encouraging.
I also took the picture because it mentioned physics and I have friends
with physics husbands who may get a kick out of it. :)

The above picture also mentions the many years of struggle needed be be
"an Orthodox Christian in reality, in his heart" 
and to me this is encouraging as it shows how long it takes to get to the 
journey's destination for those of us who are by birth/inheritance
 and those of us who have chosen to become
Orthodox Christians...
I have started an essay on the topic of spiritual journey,
and about what began my journey and what I have learned so 
far in it...

My Husband asked me to make him ginger tea bags for work.
We both love a good strong ginger tea!

+Billy Graham died today! Memory Eternal!
I have read much of this article about him,
I have always respected Billy Graham and his impact
is very vast and significant. 
I remembered him at church tonight.
His influence in my life in my 20s and of those I was close to
is very strong and his wife Ruth Bell Graham is one that I also
admire deeply.

On an more Ortho-note, I listened to the second CD of this set today,
that just came yesterday; it is of St Paisios chanting! In Greek of course. 
Very special! 

Tracy sent me this tea some time ago and today I had a nice pot of it.
I was really tired today and this tea was really refreshing! :) 
Thanks again Tracy! 

The above is a video I made tonight
to record the song about God being with us
that I dearly love.
I hope you enjoy it too! 

It was wonderful to be in church tonight!
Our unbloggable struggle is still on going.
Last month was pretty good but this month,
that is almost done now, has been difficult.
I have found various times when my 
smart phone alarm goes off 
(either as a morning alarm, or to remind me of something,
or to wake from a nap) that I feel like I am hearing it for the first time
(I have various alarm tunes) and they all sound beautiful
and sad to me... The unbloggable struggle has been going on 
for over a year and we are just really weary.
And of course my Aunt's health is on my mind.
I am doing my best to take care of myself during this time,
the first week of Lent is really busy.
This first week is always more tiring to me,
so I am not overly worried about the fact that I am tired.
I am trying to take lots of vitamins and get rest as much as I can. 
I have to go to NYC tomorrow but am going to rest in the morning
and take cabs as much as I need.  And I plan on taking myself out
to eat while I am there :)
Friday I will be home and resting as much as I can,
while making sure I am packed for my flight home Saturday.
I am looking forward to being home, I have a few
Lenten books I am going to take that are light weight 
and will just be glad to be home, DV, with my parents,
though I will be really missing my beloved Mr Husband.
We will talk everyday of course and I often send him pictures when 
he is at work of what I am up to, so we will be connected
and up to date, as they say. :)
Wishing each of you a joyful end of this first week of Great Lent! 
May God have mercy on us!


Lisa Richards said...

Praying for your unbloggable struggle.
I just heard about Billy Graham when I got home from church. He led me to Jesus via television back in 1973. Love the man!
God bless you and yours!

Tracy said...

Hi, Elizabeth! Glad the tea gave you an energy boost when you needed it. Such sad news about Billy Graham! :( VERY much enjoyed the glimpses of your reading, and your video! Looking forward to your essays. Praying for you and all you have going on... and for your safe trip this weekend! God Bless you, my friend ((HUGS))