Friday, February 02, 2018

Feast Day Friday x2

It was a very beautiful liturgy this morning.
The choir director sang with such strenght, such depth....
I was praying that this Lent he does not fall ill again, as often happens...
There was one person in the congregation who was not in the choir,
and that was me. ... usually there are a few others or more, but 
today it was myself, the choir director, our lovely Matushka and our priest,
in the Altar... 
I am often amazed at the beauty of churches when light is steaming in,
and I am amazed that I live in a city that is a bigger small city and
yet so few know of the church in ratio to the city's size and
have any idea of how beautiful it is. 
So I pretty much knew I was done with PT in December for various reasons.
Today I went there and made sure everything was paid up....
I ate at the diner next to it, and had a fast-free Friday Eggs Benedict. 
They gave me two of them so I took the second one home
and baked it in the toaster oven.
I think it tasted better the second time around, 
in the quiet of my own home
and with beautiful dishes....
As I was talking to my Mom, I was putting away laundry.
I love various colours of scarves and bandanas
and it was not until today that it suddenly dawned on me that
I can fold the bandanas in smaller squares so I can see them 
and have them organized more by colour.
Funny how all of a sudden something 'clicks' and a better solution is found.
Well, the unbloggable has gotten harder again.
It's wearing on us and I can see it more.
There's not a lot I can do about this situation
other than pray about it and seek God in it. 
I find that when I am weary or worried, I want beauty even more.
And order...everything clean, tidy, put away, orderly. Having nice tea,
pretty dishes, washing dishes, organizing things,
help me keep myself afloat when other things are hard.
I am grateful that we made it through January without getting sick.
I am trying to keep hydrated, take my vitamins, rest when needed....
Next week is going to be a less social week, 
which is good; I need a bit of time to do other things 
but at the same time, still get out.
I managed a walk everyday this week.
I know there is so much sadness in the world, but yet
there is also light, there is someone somewhere
getting married or baptising a godchild or learning
that they do not have cancer or some other joy.
There is both in this world.
I listened to this a few times lately,
it's a beautiful haunting melody. 


Mary said...

Elizabeth--- How and Where did you find this incredibly beautiful video? I can't stop watching it. Thank you, thank you so much! And many prayers for your 'unbloggable'. God is rich in His mercy toward us.

elizabeth said...

Thanks very much Mary! I liked the music so I googled it and listened to one and thought the middle of it was not as good as it could sound so I listened to it in the other one and liked it better so I posted it!

Mary said...

So did you start by googling the composer?...and maybe got a youtube list?

Becki said...

After reading your post, I went back to look at the pictures again. I somehow missed the one where the light was streaming in through the high windows. How angelic that looks. And that candelabra - ooooh... I confess, my first thought (after "How Beautiful!") was "How is that kept so clean and gleaming?" Praying for your 'unbloggable', Elizabeth.

Lisa Richards said...

Praying for your unbloggable situation. You have a knack for making things pretty and photogenic! Is this what you call your "far away church"? It is very beautiful. God bless! :)

elizabeth said...

Mary, I googled the song itself! and then when I listened to it, I found another video of it. It was not from a list itself. I had heard the song on a mobile classical radio station, liked it and wrote it down. Then I googled the song + composer. Google has searches that are a bit tailored to each searcher (I am a librarian so know nerdy stuff like that) and I found the song very easily. That really was it! :)

Becki, thanks so very much for your kind comment and your prayers!

Lisa, thanks so much!!! esp for your prayers!!! This is actually our near-by church, just over a mile away! :)

Emmie said...

Prayers for the unbloggable. I have taken a bit of an online break but it is wonderful to read your words again and see your lovely comforting photographs.