Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Monday-Tuesday and how is it almost Wednesday?

The Dome Singer of Falenda ~ that I got from Ancient Faith Publishing's
online shop ~ I read this week.  It was good.  I found the beginning
a bit wordy and the many things that reminded me so much of Lewis
and Tolkien at times distracted me but the story did hold
and I enjoyed it... and would recommend it for young teens especially....
It is hard to imagine that Great Lent is almost upon us.
My Husband is a real sweetie.
Yesterday I was quite tired (am getting better now) and he suggested
leftovers + watching the Waltons to relax. 
It was really nice. 
We hope to do this again tonight, 
imminently I hope. 
I am re-reading some Josephine Tey that I read years ago.
Hard to believe that her books were written 70+ years ago.
They are so lovely in there Britishness and in their
off-handed astute remarks. 
I wrote some letters again today.
I still have more Christmas letters to address. Sigh. I still have not
gotten to that yet. 
I hope to go to sewing group tomorrow AM, even though my other
goals did not happen.  Thursday I hope to go to NYC.
I do hope this short missive finds you all doing well.
Thanks everyone who has been leaving comments and for 
prayers also! May God bless and help us!
ps: Lisa: the essays I want to write on are memoir/theological but
I can't seem to get to sitting down to write more.
I wrote some a while back here

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Eileen said...

I love the Waltons. We watch it A LOT! My kids grew up on the Waltons and Little House.