Saturday, February 03, 2018

Saturday ~ away and at home

I made it to quilt guild! 
Lunch was a quick standby of organic chicken nuggets, left over potatoes and salad.
Finished the Chicken fajitas tonight.
Cleo's face was 'you are not giving me more milk' mad-face ;) 
Got Husband a small treat of a small cheesecake, and I had some hot chocolate and 
1 piece of chocolate, very enjoyable!
Vespers was a gift as always.
So, I am *hoping* that this week includes cleaning house, letter writing,
sewing + sewing class, NYC on Thursday and such things.
Asking your prayers that sickness does not come to our home,
as it seems to be trying to get in the door and nudge it open.
We are really doing our utmost to say healthy. 
Well, I thank God that all of January we were well and I ask
for His mercy...
and for all of us!
So much sickness going around, so many people
with terrifically hard things in life...
May God have mercy on us and save us!

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Lisa Richards said...

Chocolate always helps! I hope you stay well! :) Have a good week!